Thursday 29 February 2024

Mütiilation – "Satanist Styrken" (Self-Released) 1994

If you thought Darkthrone were the epitome of Zero-Fi Black Metal,then you......understandably....haven't heard Mütiilation. A French(!!?) Black Metal outfit who released a bunch of cassettes in the mid nineties,until they were fished from the muddied pond and honored with a release of  one of their many unreleased albums on Vinyl and CD. It still sounded as if it was recorded in an oil drum rolling between lanes on the M25 london orbital,but you could charge money for this!....a career beckoned until,band leader, Meyhna' he called himself, probably Cedric Arnaud or something equally as bland in real life.....until Cedric, declared himself Dead, and the group ended.
He wasn't really Dead of course, so this led to the re-animation of Mütiilation, as a solo project for Meyhna'ch in 2001.


A1 Skoger Av Onde Drom
A2 My Last Night Among Those Times
A3 Eternal Empire Of Majesty Death
A4 Infernal Holocaust In The Mourning Dawn

Saturday 17 February 2024

Darkthrone – "Land Of Frost" (Self-Released) 1988


Whereas someone like,...say...Jandek,has a vision of life as a grim pointless reality; our Norwegian buddies in all those Death/Black metal groups,live in a fantasyworld almost as life unaffirming and silly as a Christian UFO Death Cult....but with better music. Especially when its as lo-fi as this jolly jaunt into the permafrost of the arctic Tundra of  Metal.
They think they're frightening us but their ,frankly, daft, game of thrones world is nowhere near as Horrific as the life as portrayed in any Jandek recording.
That Scot Walker album with Sunn(((o is probably the way to go for these growly long-hairs. A Jandek Death Metal collaboration would go a long way to lessen the silliness somewhat.
Not unlike that Metal collaboration album with Mark.E Smith (Mutation?), who continued to frighten the crap out of a bunch of very muscular Metalheads for the duration of his appearance.
Nevertheless, I do like a bit of Ferric-oxide cassette based Black Metal,with the production values of Danny and the Dressmakers.
I could listen to that all day as long as they don't do that growly barking thing they have a tendency to stoop to from time to time. Keep the vocals deep in the background please boys,and no suicides or murders please....not big, not clever.


A1 Land Of Frost 3:57
A2 Winds Of Triton 1:53
A3 Forest Of Darkness 4:32
A4 Odyssey Of Freedom 3:26
A5 Day Of The Dead 5:23

Friday 16 February 2024

Jandek – "Nashville Friday" (Corwood Industries – CORWOOD 0863) 2023

Another Live Jandek from the homeland of American music recorded in 2009 (again). Enough to make the Grand Ole Opry spontaneously no bad thing.
On this outing we find one of spontaneous music's legends in relation I guess? Ladonna who played on all those batshit crazy Davey Williams records. And still scraps the viola in a complementarily warped in both warped like a record,and warped like a mind.
One would love to see Jandek do a surprise appearance at the Grand Ole Opry one day,eh kids?
Here,we are treated to a singing Jandek avoiding tunes like obstacles in an obstacle race,skimming the jagged surface of every obstacle the sonic backing can conjure up.
Disc one seems to have a Horse theme running ,or should i say, cantering, asunder the rancid chunks of  dueling banjo's that accompany Jandek's dream of becoming a wild Mustang for the 8 long minutes this equine nightmare trots unsteadily along.
And we all like a nice Horse Theme don't we boys'n'girls?
And Yes, Sterling whips out the Fretless bass to further compound those heinous acts of violence against taste that occurred in the 1980's;but, Kajagoogoo this is most certainly NOT!


1-1 Now That I Want You 10:37
1-2 Shadow Of The Horse 11:12
1-3 Tennessee Flower 9:20
1-4 The Mustang 8:04
1-5 Castigated To Be Free 11:02
2-1 Don't Be Seen 10:25
2-2 This Isolated Moment 7:08
2-3 It Don't Matter 9:17
2-4 Linden Row 7:21
2-5 When I Got You 15:30

Monday 12 February 2024

Jandek – "Vision Of Jewels" (Corwood Industries – CORWOOD 0864) 2023

While we is on the subject of Japan, I realised there is someone else who begins with 'J' that's been overlooked recently,and certainly never drives on the correct side of the road musically speaking.
Jandek innit?
He's got a new studio album out which sounds like a lot of his post - 2010 live output.but without the sparse applause. 
Its improvised,no vocals, no credits, no info,so i can't verify if it actually was recorded within the last 15 years. So no proof of the carrot topped bard's continued existence on this planet.
I presume that the cover art is a photograph of the Representative's home planet,whizzing around in one of the outer spiral arms of the Milky Way;.....either that, or Sterling R. Smith has just discovered image editing software?......Nah! That's Planet Jandek.
Its as good as anything The Scratch Orchestra did at least.Would have liked to have been around for that Derek Bailey Jandek collaboration that was never discussed.I suppose i could do a fantasy audio montage of this fictional event one day?
When i first encountered a Jandek record I thought it was Funny,but upon listening to subsequent releases I realised that he wasn't fucking Joking!? I thought it was just shite Self-released by a nutter with too much spare cash? Where he got that from I dunno,as i thought he used to work in a Machine Shop somewhere in Houston?
Nowadays I think its less Shite,and especially this stuff,which could pass for Free Improvisation in any number of pretentious enclaves dotted around the metropolitan Chumbawumba beer kellers of planet Jandek.


1 White Quartz 16:16
2 Color Streaks 15:19
3 Star Specks 12:45
4 Viewing The Realm 23:59

Saturday 10 February 2024

Various Artists– "ADK Omnibus Vol.1" (ADK Records – ADK-03E) 1983

Another.....well,one, of two ADK Jap Punk compilations,...volume One in fact, has landed. And pretty manic stuff it is too. Featuring such household names as Sodom , Sekinintenka, Cain, and Gaddess to further damage your sensitive ear filaments with. Well probably not household names at all actually...not even in Tokyo.
No tattoo's on these proper punk rockers. Sporting one of those silly doodles on a Japanese arm was a virtual death sentence in 1983 Japan; akin to wearing a Nazi Armband in mid seventies London. It was certainly easier to Shock in the land of the rising volume levels,as the unwritten rules were enforced with an icy unspoken frostiness as the shadow of the not yet deceased Emperor loomed large....rather like the shadow of Hitler loomed over Argentina.
No such problem in the UK however,but give or take a few Decades and the British were under the iron boot of the Industrial Revolution while the Japs were farting about with Paper as a secure building component. Both Japan and The British Isles,were blighted with the cruel burden of good manners,and drive on the Left, so inevitably Punk Rock was always gonna happen. Nonetheless, a British Punk Rocker would tell his audience to Fuck Off both inside and outside of the concert hall, whereas the Japanese equivalent would likely bow and  thank the seething mass of bobbing black hair for their time.
Like a Kamikaze human drone slamming into an American aircraft carrier , this stuff takes no prisoners...just like the Japanese Army.

PS. Track 7,"夜姦菌孤" is basically Public Image Ltd's "Socialist" from Metal Box with a different singer,and better guitarist is it not?

A1 ソドム*– ソドミズム

A2 ソドム*– スペルマ爆弾 
A3 ソドム*– L.S.D
A4 ソドム*– 自殺
A5 ソドム*– パブリック
A6 ソドム*– カンゴフK
A7 ソドム*– 夜姦菌孤
B1 責任転嫁*– Fuck
B2 責任転嫁*– 春と修羅
B3 責任転嫁*– Worm
B4 責任転嫁*– 慕情
C1 カイン*– さつき病
C2 カイン*– すてきなビート (Beat Generation)
D1 ガディス*– Bun-Bun-Bun
D2 ガディス*– 新宿 -闇のカーニバル-
D3 ガディス*– 薬 -Yaku-
D4 ガディス*– あたいの.....
D5 ガディス*– ケダモノ
D6 ガディス*– キ・チ・ガ・イ

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Friday 9 February 2024

Various Artists – "Neo Punk Disordery / ADK Omnibus Vol.2" (ADK Records – ADK-08E) 1984

Punk Rock was made for compilations. One single per band, 15 minute sets per gig,and if there's anything left,of which there shouldn't be if you're a proper Punk Rock band, then that gets stuck on a compilation dunnit?
Using the same criteria for the Japanese, Punk rock was made for da Japanoise Yoof to vomit out the relentless oppression of Japanese Culture......the poor sods.
It's a bit like how da English yoof got liberated by a combination of first wave American Rock'n'Roll and ,ironically, being trapped in the poverty of a bankrupt Britain created by the massive loan...yes I did say 'Loan', that the American Government gave the Churchill Govt to buy armaments from the United States to fight the Third Reich on behalf of of the rapidly diminishing Free World.
Ironically still, no such conditions were foisted upon the axis powers after their inevitable defeat.They all got massive financial reparations to build their economies into the giants they are today.
The 'Brits', they got rationing, powdered egg and Bombed out homelessness. Punishement for giving the Japs the idea of torpedoing the enemy navy in their harbour with light aircraft....exactly what the Brits did to the Italian Navy in the Mediterranean the same year.
However,both Germany, Italy and Japan, didn't have the vibrant youth culture that was produced out of the UK austerity plan post war.
As the last Japanese soldier surrendered in the mid-seventies, things had begun to loosen up a little in Nippon. Disemboweling noise and relentlessly fuming Punk Rock emerged from the polite world of Jap Society. And some of the finest disemboweling shit it is too, as collected on this fine shared jap-core compilation featuring some very pissed off sons of Nippon.


A1 Gabell– 品種改良
A2 Gabell– レイプ (研究所)
A3 Molugu– Bloody
A4 Molugu– ナチズム
A5 Molugu– AB
A6 Molugu– Insert
A7 Molugu– 餓死
B1 Glycerin – Glycerin (血まみれ世紀)
B2 Glycerin – 臭い
B3 Glycerin – Shelter
B4 Glycerin - 中毒
B5 我殺 Crime Fighter*– Pest
B6 我殺 Crime Fighter*– 血ぞめの改革
B7 我殺 Crime Fighter*– OK
B8 我殺 Crime Fighter*– Crime Fighter

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