Saturday 29 February 2020

Kathy Acker ‎– "Redoing Childhood" (Kill Rock Stars ‎– KRS 349) 1999

A posthumous release of that potty mouthed punk poetess',the late Kathy Ackers' "Redoing Childhood".
I do sense that everytime she says the word "Cunt" there's a tiny inkling of discomfort in her voice,like she's doing something naughty and her parents might be listening.She does,however use the word as a Noun rather than an adjective,or a verb.Reclaiming this female body part as just that rather than an insult.
Of course, using sweary words and being naughty was what everyone thought 'Punk' culture was all about.The more expletives one used the more you were.Punk as invented by The Daily Mirror that is.
Certainly, there's far more depth to Kathy Acker's use of these words than some silly twat with a Mohawk shouting "Punks Not Fucking Dead Yoo Cunts"; but as these cuss words are unecessarily inserted in every form of media, they have lost their negligable effect, and become sanitized.The ability for words to shock in such a way has ended. The real shocking stuff comes from the normal language the modern human uses to explain away why they don't want refugees living next door,why women who wear make-up are 'asking for it' or why Climate Change is a hoax. Its the mundane words that have inherited the shock value,'The Banality Of Evil' as it were. 'Fuck' and 'Cunt' are now words that should be used exclusively to descibe these people who have ,supposedly,lost their faith in politicians (ahhhhh?)believe conspiracy theories but disbelieve the media. A stance taken by former 'king of the punks' and contemporaneous potty mouth alongside Kathy Acker, Johnny 'Trump fan' Rotten..The difference being, Ackers intelligence is obviously more than a tool to ease ones self-esteem problem.
I thought thats what I wanted too  growing up during the Punk Rock era, but the real effect of this self-dumbing culture of the 21st century is a self imposed dictatorship,in which consorship is almost complete in a flood of redefined Truths. As Michael Gove said,"the Public have had enough of Experts" that leaves non-experts, i suppose, to run our destiny?....hmmmm, comforting.
So what better reminder of those good old shocking days,when calling someone a 'Fucking Rotter' on national TV made world headlines ;on the only day that ladies are allowed to ask a man to marry them,(the 29th of feb,if you were lucky enough to not know?),than the unromantic,fucked up and violent, post-modern world of Kathy Acker to remind you that we're well and truly Fucked you bunch of Fucking Cunts.


1 President Bush
2 Miss Savage's School For Girls
3 The Temple Of Eros
4 A Country That I've Never Seen
5 I Will Stay With You Tonight
6 Hotel Etoile Rouge
7 Outside The Law, Which Is Language
8 The Female Doctor
9 Hotel Of Lilac Eyes
10 Face To Face With Death

Friday 28 February 2020

Charles Amirkhanian ‎– "Mental Radio: Nine Text-Sound Compositions" (Composers Recordings Inc. -CRI SD 523) 1985

 I knew you couldn't get enough Text Sound Compositions,so here's nine more.
Includes the moment Charles got his hands on a sampler (1982),then did what everybody did,him being a groundbreaking composer,and sampled a Dog's bark.Probably straight after sampling a belch. An act so unimaginative that its almost Avant garde in itself.As he's a qualified composer,with certificates and stuff, musicianly acts that people like us would do in our down time from work...real work that is....would be dismissed as silly popularist rubbish.....but if a qualified Music lecturer and certified composer did it...its avant garde innit?


Church Car 2:55
Dot Bunch 5:35
Dog Of Stravinsky 3:21
Hypothetical Moments 5:31
Maroa 5:10
The Putts 5:18
Dreams Freud Dreamed 5:31
Andas 6:45
History Of Collage 4:45

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Charles Amirkhanian ‎– "Lexical Music" (1750 Arch Records ‎– S-1779) 1979

Another regular contributer  to Giorno Poetry Systems was one 
Charles Amirkhanian, a well-versed practionioner in the less than nobkle art of electroacoustic music and text-sound composition.
You know what you're in for. Lots of repeated words,chopped up spoken phrases,echo boxes,and phase drifting. The most minimal form of composition available.You don't even need an instrument except the one that mother nature provided us with,free of charge,that complex,and sadly,much abused device called the Human Voice.
Here, that natural tool is used as a creative tool, rather than singing about how your girlfriend has left you,or how Donald Trump uses his,as a shitting anus.His face being a repulsive orange arse with a shredded wheat sellotaped to the upper end of its cleft.
Even though that Meredith Monk album, "Key", made me want to burn down an Art Gallery,for different reasons however, than a trump supporter would. The monosyllabic faecal matter that spurts from the so-called 'mind' of Trump,via his talking asshole appendage, is the stuff of book burning,and degenerate art exhibitions. However there are a few Donald Trump books I would gladly burn,and the man is himself, thee degenerate's Degenerate.
Lets celebrate stupidity for the sake of some tax cuts,and get this silly old planet tettering on the edge of either nuclear destruction or evironmental disaster.He with the small orange hands is,after all, a truly terrible and incompetent business man.Apart from being a five time bankrupt,the worst possible thing for his precious economy would be Nuclear War or Environmental collapse.Duh!...i smell a more serious,nay deadly, looming shadow of bankruptcy skipping carelessly along the fairway,straying into the rough,and ultimatly hiding in the deepest bunker that stolen money can buy.......(note golfing analogy,so that the orange one and his clones can understand it...the ones that can read that is).
The point,and i'm struggling to see the point in anything(!?),is, that this political environment is the kind of lamely vicious atmosphere that would see works like 'Lexical Music' resigned to the ovens in this dawning dark age of moronic self-service,celebrating the crass and meaningless.The new rennaisance is well and truly OVER!
The hard facts are that if we are all to live to the standard of living that ALL americans live at, we will need 4 , FOUR, extra Earths!!!!...Do I need to repeat that?

So maybe Trump frog marching us to extinction is actually a good thing. VOTE TRUMP 2020...because we deserve him.

NB.. Sorry about that, but i felt, as a practicing Nihilist, that i had to squeeze something 'political' in, after noticing that 'Things Magazine' used that word in their brief description of this blog...and i quote: "Die or D.I.Y?, charting the esoteric, the homemade, the off-beat and the political" i return the favour with a link. A bit like the Mutually Assured Destruction policy?


1.Mugic (1973) 5:27
2.Seatbelt Seatbelt(1973) 14:38
3.Dutiful Ducks(1977) 2:00
4.Muchrooms(1974) 2:00
5.Mahogany Ballpark(1976) 9:40
6.She She And She(1974) 8:40

Tuesday 25 February 2020

Meredith Monk ‎– "Key" (Increase Records ‎– INCS - 2008) 1971

Someone's taking the piss here...surely?
'Award winning' know you're off to a bad start when that phrase is used!......Meredith Monk ,a regular contributer to the Dial-A-Poem Poets releases on Giorno Poetry Systems. Had her own recording career,capturing her 'Performance Art' madness,yodeling, indian war cry,s,and 'meaningful' vocalisations in an 'Off Broadway' tradition that specializes in half empty medium sized room full of the chin-stroking manhatten art elite. Would they notice if I left the auditorium after five minutes of this ear grating opera of the absurd?....of course they would.As they would every other philestine feigning a need to urinate. Real art lovers hold it in.They regularly strengthen their pelvic floor muscles with a rigorous exercise program specifically to avoid such a taint on their Artzy Fartzy credentials. Real artists DON'T PISS!
Well,we've heard something like this caterwauling before haven't we?...Yoko Ono perhaps? Then back in the 50's we had Bas Sheva in Les Baxter's 'Passions' and Yma Sumac, both of whom Meredith Monk makes sound like Barbara Strisand.
I'd say, if you didn't get up and leave after 5 minutes, or less, of one of Monk's off-broadway operas, then you are a pretentious and deluded masochist.
Its ART you Idiot! religious belief ,maybe sometimes its just better to keep it to yourself?
Maybe i'm just a  stupid Philestine or future Trump supporter, and normally I like room emptying nonsense, but this makes my ears rattle in such an uncomfortable way that it makes me wanna burn down an art gallery. My defence would be that my wilful act of arson was a conceptual artistic statement,and that the ruins should be donated to the people,naturally only after being purchased as an investment by Charles "Wifebeater" Saachi.
Saatchi and wife on a quiet night out...conceptual art or what?


A1 Porch
A2 Under Street
A3 What Does It Mean?
A4 Vision
A5 Fat Stream
B1 Vision
B2 Do You Be?
B3 Vision
B4 Change
B5 Dungeon

DOWNLOAD something far too clever for you to understand HERE!

Monday 24 February 2020

Brion Gysin ‎– "Recordings 1960-81" (Perdition Plastics ‎– PER 004) 1995

Here we go again.....anyone called Brion,not Brian,or Bryan, is certainly posh and reeks of privilege. With a brief bit of research these suspicions were confirmed.Educated at a Fancy public school near Bath (UK),and by the age of 18 he was studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. Hangin out with the likes of Max Ernst's missus, Salvador Dali and Picasso in the "Surrealists Group", from which he was inexplicably expelled by André Breton,as happened frequently were i came from,all at the age of 19. Needless to say,if you were of modest means it would be extremely doubtful you would be anywhere near André Breton, never mind being expelled from the community centre for crimes against Surrealism. I, for one,was never sent home from the local underclass abstract expressionism club and ,thankfully,never had to explain to my mum that Mark Rothko had me expelled for not being abstract or expressive enough,and could I invite Willem de Kooning over for beans on toast later? 
The only art happening where I came from, was the odd swastika sprayed on a wall over the admitedly abstract phrase of "Pakis Out"*. Nowadays those very same 'Pakis' are spraying stuff like 'Brexit Now' to get rid of the Poles. Epitomised by the new tory Home Secretary, a child of ugandan asians,who is determined to shut the door on any more poor her parents were? Fucking Insane!
I don't wanna go through Gysin's life story, but lets just say, he never seemed to need a job,and drifted effortlessly around the globe meeting up with famous artist and bohemian types of all statures.
Most famed for the re-invention of the Dada-ist 'cut-up Technique, which was in fact nothing new,and gave it to William Burroughs to mess around with.Burroughs explained that Gysin was "the only man that I've ever respected in my life. I've admired people, I've liked them, but he's the only man I've ever respected."...slightly arrogant?
I suspect that Burroughs was the victim of that intellectual arrogance that all Public School boys,and upper class twits in England get drip fed at birth,even if they know fuck-all,which generally is the case.I'd say Bill respected Gysin because he was intellectually intimidated by those insideous British upper-class vibes,as most Americans are.
As far as I can see Gysin was just more inventive in his stealing from the past,and could explain it all away as his own doing, without actually saying so.
However These writings and sound experiments were a considerable influence on the Industrial Music,and culture of the late says I.
Gysin enjoyed messing with language ,what makes a word a word,and how easily words change their meaning,or effect, by just rearranging a few letters or their speed.One short phrase could be transformed into a new language......or,as is the case in most of these pieces,into complete stuff of nonsense.
The same could be done with sounds,as in the Pistol Poems,with vari-speeded recordings of a gunshot,which he made for the BBC. A resurrection of another Dada-ist idea,'The Sound Poem'
This CD has all of Gysin's most influential recorded moments collected in one place.
Best listened to with one of Gysin's other claims to fame, he and Ian Sommerville's "Dream Machine",which was probably just the work of Sommerville,and Gysin named it afterwards?:

Build your very own Brion Gysin Dream Machine HERE!

*Paki is a derogatory term used generally for anyone from the asian subcontinent,and is even used for Arabic and semetic people by the ignorant.The equivalent of the 'N' word but for asians. I've even heard it used by Indians as an insult to white people, as in "White Paki"......its crazy ol' world out there innit?


1 I've Come To Free The Words 1:16
2 Vocal Cut-Up 6:14
3 Where's That Word 1:58
4 Thoughts On The BBC 2:50
5 I Am That I Am 4:35
6 Pistol Poem 1:29
7 Pistol Poem - Part 2 0:39
8 Recalling All Active Agents 1:25
9 Thoughts On Censorship 1:53
10 No Poets Don't Own Words 1:01
11 Thoughts On Jean Genet 8:55
12 Readings At The October Gallery 5:36
13 Kick That Habit Man 1:08
14 Junk Is No Good Baby 2:04
15 Thoughts On Surrealists 5:27
16 Thoughts On Modern Art 2:29
17 Thoughts On The Dream Machine 4:19
18 Thoughts On The Value Of Art 2:29
19 Sound Poem 1:46
20 Duet 0:41
21 In The Beginning Was The Word 1:49
22 I Am This. . . 2:02

Sunday 23 February 2020

John Giorno ‎– "Raspberry / Pornographic Poem" (The Intravenus Mind ‎– LP-501) 1967

John Giorno did an album of his own in the consumer of love in '67,although '69 would have been more appropriate considering the awfully rude content of this poetry.....erotic i think they call it.
Really its about wanking under the guise of 'Its Art Maaaan'.
I must admit it give me a bit of a twitcher at times,even the gay side!
Either way, it would certainly rub the members of the establishment up the wrong way as well as your own member....if you should be that way inclined.
Is he exploring the over-explored and tiresome concept of sexuality, or just trying to send ripples...not nipples...across the millpond of sixties society.
One big recommendation is that we don't get to hear the dulcet tones of Giorno's throaty croaking,as the poems are read by sveral of John's artzy fartzy chums,including rather famous Pop Artist type Robert Rauschenberg himself.Never one to avoid name-dropping,Rauschenberg's name is promenently displayed on the cover,just so you know that John's got famous artist friends and you haven't.....lucky that, because we don't want famous friends here at Die or DIY? fact its bordering on the not having ANY friends at all kind of doomsday bunker mentality scenario.
If you played this at your chess club's annual darts evening and clam-dip soirée,you almost certainly wouldn't have any friends left come half-past ten;and the ones that stayed i'm not sure you'd want to remain your friends much past eleven.....'Time for bed' said Zebedee.....ALONE!!!!!
No doubt there be perv's out there who think this is their favourite record of the sixties,an act of revolution in an age of sexual liberation; which is just fancy talk for you're just a Loner with a Boner.
Phwoooooaaaar missus!
....But, nonetheless, Giorno's best album,especially as he's not on it,and nice and lite on those bloody echo effects that came to symbolise his later work. 


A Raspberry (19:10)

Featuring – Peter Schjeldahl, Robert Rauschenberg, Yvonne Rainer

B Pornographic Poem (17:45)

Featuring – Alan Sarret, Ann Ware, Bryce Marden*, Henry Geldzahler, John Perreault, Lee Crabtree, Michael McClanathan, Nina Thurman, Patti Oldenberg, Peter Schjeldahl, Robert Rauschenberg, Sarah Dalton, Tod Berrigan, Trisha Brown, Yvonne Rainer

Saturday 22 February 2020

Various Artists ‎– "The Nova Convention" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 014-015) 1979

Live recording at an historic "summit",'The Nova Convention',a kind of tribute forward slash benefit, for William.S, including alledged counter culture and avant garde performers in New York City in 1979Sadly,the music section of this convention,which included Suicide, B-52's, Bobby Fripp isn't available,but.....
Frank Zappa IS the talking asshole, and there's a nice picture of him on the inner cover bathing in the light of William Burroughs' credibility ray. Of course we also have  Patti Smith....good isn't she(?),introduced as 'Great'...well as least she and a bunch of hack journalists thought she was.....waxing lyrical about similar asshole, Jim Morrison,with 'jokes' that fall as flat as her terrible adult orientated rock albums.
John Giorno places himself early in the tracklist once more,and everyone skips the needle forward,bouncing off the Patti Smith track like a skimming stone,to the safer ground of Glass,Cage Billy,and Brion,among others,aka the real thing.


A1 –Terry Southern - Vingette Of Idealistic Life In South Texas 1:25
A2 –William S. Burroughs - Keynote Commentary & Roosevelt After Inauguration 5:52
A3 –John Giorno - Eating The Sky 13:30
A4 –Patti Smith - Poem For Jim Morrison & Bumblebee 11:45
B1 –William S. Burroughs - Benway 3:40
B2 –Philip Glass - Building, Excerpt From Einstein On The Beach By Robert Wilson & Philip Glass 3:04
B3 –Brion Gysin - Kick That Habit, Junk Is No Good Baby, Somebody Special & Blue Baboon 7:06
B4 –Frank Zappa - The Talking Asshole 5:25
B5 –William S. Burroughs - From The Gay Gun: "This Is Kim Carson" & "Just Like The Collapse Of Any Currency" & "The Whole Tamale" 13:27
C1 –William S. Burroughs - What The Nova Convention Is About 2:35
C2 –Ed Sanders - Hymn To Aphrodite From Sappho 8:50
C3 –John Cage - Writing For The Second Time Through Finnegans Wake 14:15
C4 –Anne Waldman - Plutonium Ode & Skin Meat Bones 6:35
D1 –Laurie Anderson & Julia Heyward - Song From America On The Move 12:50
D2 –Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky - Punk Rock, Old Pond; Feeding Them Raspberries To Grow, & Nurses Song 13:00
D3 –William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Timothy Leary, Les Levine & Robert Anton Wilson Conversations 7:10

Thursday 20 February 2020

The Dial-A-Poem Poets - "Biting Off The Tongue Of A Corpse" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 005) 1975

Yet another fine album title from Giorno Poetry Systems,which could apply to any organisation or person applying any form of censorship on the already dead forms of media in the internet age. We've been done up like a kipper, as 'real' cockney Dick Van Dyke would have said in a Disney movie set in victorian London.I'm not even sure this is me writing this, that's how confused they've got us.I use the word 'They' advisedly, from the much peddled paranoia angle that 'They' or 'Us' have unleashed on the information portals. The most likely culprit, as ever, is ourselves....."We've dunnit to oowr selves Mawry", said Dick Van Dyke as 'Bert' the jolly chimmney sweep with a heart of gold.......cue a bakers dozen of Clog wearing cocker-ney pearly Kings and Queens having a jolly-old knees-up, singing the Oscar winning tune penned by Oscar winning songsmith Sir Elton John called 'We Dunnit To Ouwrselves Guv'nr (Cor Strike-a-light)"
In fact this is Sir Elton John writing this confused bullshit for you all,aided by award winning lyricist, Bernie Taupin,as I can't read or write.......Oh Yeah, and 'Queen of Hearts', Princess Diana, is hiding in my cellar after faking her own death to escape the paparazzi and MI5......honest Guv'nr.
Now i'll revert to my real music luvin' alter-ego of Reg Dwight(Who isn't knighted) to tell you how ruddy marvellous all that poetry stuff is,and about this allegedly 'uncensored' collection of left-field poets.
Of course its got yet more of W.S. Burroughs'(The guy who predicted this information vacuum) greatest hits, enhanced by the odd gem, like "Cheerless Junkie Song" by Scottish actress,and unlikely junkie, Helen Adam,and Charles Stein's "Seed Poem".Cage is also worth the entrance money as always, but we do have to endure John Giorno again,doing his over-used multivoiced delay style once more.Probably a device employed so we can't hear the words and find out what a shite poet he really was; 'performance poet'and self publicist is a more accurate description of Mr Giono's talents,or lack of, therein.Very talented at hanging out with famous artists however,i'll grant him that;but,If it wasn't on his own label I doubt he'd be on this album.......what d'you think Lady Diana?..wot?..No, there's no Duran Duran on there,mores the pity?
Altogether now......
"Lets 'ave a jolly 'oliday wiv Mauryyyyy"...sung to the tune of "The Union Of The Snake"(subtitled 'Is it me or is everything SHIT!), as penned by the Bard of Brum, Simon Le Bon,or 'Lob On' as we call him.
Oh go on then Diana, tell the non-english public what a 'Lob-On' is.
Princess Di: "Its an Erect prick Sir Elton sir,I eeeerect prrrriccccck-uh!.".....close in a small drop of drool running along Sir Eltons quvering lower lip.
"David Darling, rush and get me a hanky, and a nice bottle of Chianti"....(i dunno how to spell,phonetically, that sound Hannibal Lecter made in the 'Silence Of The Lambs'.....but ,I, Sir Elton John, just did it then).......pS this is all TRUE!.


A1 –Gary Snyder - Anasazi / The Wild Mushroom / Avocado / One Should Not Speak To A Skilled Hunter / No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service 6:00
A2 –John Giorno - Excerpt From Subduing Demons In America 7:08
A3 –William S. Burroughs - A Top Level Conference Is In Progress 6:00
A4 –Charles Olson - Maximus Of Gloucester (Only My Written Work) 1:15
A5 –Ted Berrigan - Excerpts From Memorial Day 3:53
A6 –Ed Sanders - The Struggle 4:50
B1 –Edwin Denby - The Shoulder / The Subway / Over Manhattan Island / Disorder Mental Strikes Me / Suppose There's A Cranky Woman Inside Me 5:34
B2 –Helen Adam - Cheerless Junkie Song 2:45
B3 –Diane Di Prima - Ave 4:27
B4 –John Wieners - In Public 0:55
B5 –Robert Duncan - To Speak My Mind, We Convivial In What Is Ours 2:40
B6 –John Cage - Mureau 4:06
B7 –Denise Levertov - Life At War 3:15
B8 –Frank O'Hara - Having A Coke With You From "The Love Poems" 2:03
B9 –Kenneth Koch - Spring 1:33
B10 –John Ashbery - A Blessing In Disguise 1:20
B11 –Charles Stein - Seed Poem 1:44

Wednesday 19 February 2020

The Dial-A-Poem Poets - "Disconnected" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 003) 1974

As album covers go,this must be one of the worst ever?...or one of the best ever? Maybe even thee Best ever?
A disco shirt clad John Giorno,knealing on a beach in the surf as if bathing in a sea of his own bodily fluids.Then we're treated to an inset of a very creepy looking Giorno in his hotel room,prostrate,legs akimbo, like a sex tourist on his unmade bed after deflowering an underage native rentboy. Looking at the other bed in the room,which seems unused,he must have paid the single persons supplement,unless the person unknown, who took these candid photographs, is sharing the room with him.Perhaps he got that severely abused native boy to take them as part of his fee?
How these images connect with the album title I can only imagine?...maybe that's it,the poetry,cover and artists are all disconnected from each other and that's the concept?
Whatever is going on in Giorno's mind,this double album has some rather good spoken word pieces on it,and is thankfully light on Rock stars wanting to be associated with Mr. Burroughs. There's little or no music to ruin the words.Interestingly,or not, I understand that one Robert Zimmerman makes an appearence on one of the Ginsberg tracks,alongside very over-rated and now dead cellist, Arthur Russell.


1-1 –Allen Ginsberg - I'm A Victim Of Telephones 1:30
1-2 –Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche - Cynical Letter, A Letter To Marpa, Sound Cycle (Aham) 7:05
1-3 –John Giorno - Suicide Sutra 7:17
1-4 –William S. Burroughs - What Washington, What Orders, From Exterminator 7:01
1-5 –Charles Plymell - 100 Flies On An Airplane Flying Around The World, From The Thrashing Of America 2:54
1-6 –Michael Brownstein - Monologue From The Top, From Brainstorms 1:46
1-7 –John Cage - Excerpt From Silence 1:55
2-1 –Anne Waldman - Fast Speaking Woman 5:32
2-2 –Diane Di Prima - Excerpt From Loba 2:18
2-3 –Bernadette Mayer - Excerpt From Studying Hunger 3:31
2-4 –Robert Creeley - The Name 1:14
2-5 –Diane Wakoski - Exorcism 2:25
2-6 –Lorenzo Thomas - High Heel Jesus 1:22
2-7 –Gregory Corso - Marriage 7:20
2-8 –Maureen Owen - Body Rush 0:52
2-9 –Ed Sanders - Stand By My Side, Oh Lord 2:13
2-10 –Charles Olson - The Ridge 2:42
3-1 –Allen Ginsberg - Jimmy Bearman 4:04
3-2 –Joe Brainard - Excerpt From More I Remember More 6:33
3-3 –John Wieners - Excerpt From Memories In A Small Apartment 4:35
3-4 –Gerard Malanga - A Last Poem (Tentative Title) 0:40
3-5 –John Perreault - Nude Death 1:38
3-6 –Jack Spicer - Excerpt From Billy The Kid 3:43
3-7 –Jim Carroll - From The Busterball Diaries,Spring 1965 3:43
3-8 –Peter Orlovsky - All Around The Garden 4:32
4-1 –Imamu Amiri Baraka - Our Nation Is Like Ourselves 4:42
4-2 –Michael McClure - Lion Poem 2:08
4-3 –Ed Dorn - Recollections Of Grande Apacharia 4:28
4-4 –Frank Lima - The Hunter 1:35
4-5 –Frank O'Hara - Adieu Norman,Bonjour To Joan And Jean Paul, From Lunch Poems 3:07
4-6 –Bill Berkson - Stanky 0:16
4-7 –Larry Fagin - A Play 0:18
4-8 –Tom Clark - Little Aria 0:38
4-9 –Paul Blackburn - The Once-Over, From Brooklyn Manhattan Trancit 1:13
4-10 –Philip Whelan - If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich 1:56
4-11 –Ron Padgett - June 17, 1942 4:18
4-12 –John Ashbery - The Tennis Court Oath 1:56
4-13 –Clark Coolidge - Excerpt From Dews (8 Channel) 1:07
4-14 –Charles Amirkhanian - Radii 2:05

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Various Artists ‎– "Life Is A Killer" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 027) 1982

Mutant Disco was the big thing downtown,and Giorno wanted a piece of it. The irritating ranting through a delay effect has now gone, and been replaced by irritating ranting in front of a group of session musicians yawning out some over-produced elevator disco. Who said Giorno was a poet anyway?...oh yes...himself!
Even Brion Gysin gets in on the dance poetry act,with some afro-beat nonsense,which drowns out Bri's thoughts on 'Junk'....nothing like a diversity of subject matter in a lifes work is there?
There are other mutant disco poetry attempts,namely the Jayne Cortez track, which features the truly awful trendy instrument of 1982,the dreadful Fretless Bass. If the motive was to get the public to listen to the words, which apparently they can't unless one puts a disco beat behind everything;then adding some fretless makes this member of the public skip to the next track.
There's some ironic country and western,about Gay Cowboys which is...uhm... bearable.But the piece de restistence is the 'you can not be serious' moment by the 'Four Horsemen'. It's this kind of stuff that reafirms the public view of artists as lazy out-of-touch elitest piss-takers. Imagine stumbling into a primal scream therapy session with a middle income household in the suburbs(what you're doing there?I Dunno? Burgling the place maybe?).They break off from the screaming and ecstatic dancing to welcome you aboard.
"Come and Join us", says the one in the ethnicly inspired shawl invitingly.
Being of a polite dispostion, you accept the invitation and start waving your arms in the air awkwardly and emit a repressed,and slightly embarassed yell.They welcome you with eye contact and one of those insipid smiles Jehovah Witnesses have,then invade your personal space with....gulp!..body contact.....ugh!...(shudder)!
After the six hour session,you hand out your fake telephone number and e-mail address and leave.....never to mention this to anyone!..The kind of thing you do when you wake up hung over after a wild night of dancing in a mutant disco,in bed next to a morbidly obese balding shemale,with a memory lapse and your bottom hurts?Maybe the same goes for this album, except for the Billy Burroughs track of course,who can never do any wrong.


A1 –John Giorno - Everyone Says What They Do Is Right 5:11
A2 –William S. Burroughs - The Mummy Piece 3:55
A3 –Amiri Baraka - Wailers 4:45
A4 –Jim Carroll - Just Visiting 6:30
B1 –Jayne Cortez - I See Chano Pozo 6:20
B2 –Ned Sublette - Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly 4:49
B3 –Brion Gysin - Junk 3:21
B4 –Rose Lesniak - She's So 4:35
B5 –Four Horsemen - The Dream Remain 2:35

Monday 17 February 2020

John Giorno & Anne Waldman ‎– ( Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 010-011) 1977

Boy, Anne looks fuuuuuming in the stark black and white photo inside the gatefold sleeve.Seething at her plight as a woman in a mans world no doubt.
Who would want to own this slowly suffocating planet i'd really like to understand? Of course i refer to the highly contagious disease of humanity rather than the creatures lower down the food chain,who seem to be just waiting for us to destroy ourselves so they can get back to business as usual.A man's world it is not,and women are just as responsible for this mess as those vile possessors of the Y chromosome.
It's 1977 and we're back at the birth of identity politics for those whose newly-manufactured identities needed shoring up a bit. John Giorno applies multi-tracking and echo-delay to banal statements in order to replicate the confused state of everyday consciousness,it says here.It was also good for business to be seen sharing stuff with a promient feminist.....although i notice his name comes first,and as always,in sex and poetry alike,the lady always comes second....if at all.
Anne Waldman is more ideological in her statements about being a woman.If she had worn a shirt and tie,and displayed her armpit hair, we might never have had Patti Smith inflicted upon us.Patti had a better hairstyle,or armpit hairstyle, I suppose? It's an example of which people with heads full of theories give self-expression to their frustration at being unable to find a contented place in daily existence. Ever one for a good title or two,as John Giorno says; Everyone is, indeed everything,is,ultimately a complete disappointment,mainly to ourselves.However,the cosmos couldn't give a shit,which is something we could all learn from.We are how we are because we are...get over it.What the bloody fucking hell do we expect???? The world is not your oyster, an oyster is your oyster,so make it last 'cause its the only one you're gonna get.


A –John Giorno - Everyone Is A Complete Disappointment 26:15
B –John Giorno - Drinking The Blood Of Every Woman's Period 27:47
C –Anne Waldman - For The Voice Of Montserrat Caballe, Error, Sisters, Plutonium Poem, Billy Work Peyote, Sun The Blonde Out, Shaman Hisses You Slide Back Into The Night 25:10
D1 –Anne Waldman - Fast Speaking Woman 9:30
D2 –Anne Waldman - White Eyes 13:45
D3 –Anne Waldman - Musical Garden 3:45

Sunday 16 February 2020

The Dial-A-Poem Poets – "Totally Corrupt" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 008-009) 1976

Don't you just love these album covers?
On this one we got Giorno, Burroughs, Waldman, Allen Ginsberg, and John Cage sitting in business attire at a boardroom-style table.Like a tongue firmly in cheek version of the 'Boards and Goverments of the World concluding their filthy deals to sell out the unborn forever',as Burroughs wrote in the classic poem "Last Words of Hassan Sabbah".
Except the deal isn't quite as filthy,other than the frequently 'filthy' language that some of this subversive poetry sends forth into the ether.
This comes from a golden age when the world was fresh from the virtual censorship of the fifties,to an age where you could say virtually anything you wanted. This freedom is gradually being reversed from both a liberal and a conservative angle.The liberal side of this nu-censorship,and the most insideous,is the constant drive to 'not offend'.Just today Mark CockZuckerberg said there must be "rules on harmful content" on the this Hologram,and or his clones,(I'm sure he's a fake human,with fake emotions running a fake personal information gathering corporation) taking the piss? There's nothing more harmful than the tsunami of Lies allowed to stand as fact on his/its anti-freedom through a falsely percieved conceptual freedom digital sewer of a web address. Should be shut down in the morning and a not for profit alternative set up the next day......without compensation. Then we have the problem of who fact checks the fact checker? two words,it's "TOTALLY CORRUPT!".
Then tere's the argument that this liberalism is in fact a deliberately proffered Inverted conservatism,which one can't rule out.We live in an era where we can't tell our arse from a hole in the ground.I can't tell if that's a deliberate strategy to divide any possible opposition or not, because...I Can't tell the difference between my arse and a hole in the ground.
Again I'm not in a position to argue this case,which is becoming similar to arguing for or against the existence of God, but i'm almost certain,and thats as good as it gets, that God doesn't exist, and that the new era of repression by information cancelling alternative truths probably does exist.Its a classic Burroughsian data Control scenario.Like playing recordings of Gunshots in a riot as a cop witnesses his buddy go down. As agent provocateurs rile up the crowds."They're firing at us!"
Result....we get Trump, we get Brexit,we get democratically elected Dictators.
The sad thing this isn't paranoia,it's just that we've all been spammed into a new dark age of Ignorance!And it's this new 'Freedom' thats done it to us.
We should have listened to the Dial-A-Poem Poets the first time its too late.Its just nostalgia.


A1 –Charles Bukowski - Cloud Nine, I Live In A Neighborhood Of Murderers, Two Horse Collars 3:09
A2 –Ed Dorn - Excerpts From "Gunslinger, Book 4" 3:48
A3 –William S. Burroughs - When Did I Stop Wanting To Be President 7:07
A4 –Sylvia Plath - Daddy 3:43
A5 –John Giorno - Excerpts From "Shit, Piss, Blood, Pus & Brains" 8:03
A6 –Michael McClure - Jaguar Sky : There's Cruelty In Every Jewel 0:44
A7 –Michael Brownstein - Jet Set Melodrama 2:36
A8 –Jackie Curtis - You Are My Lucky Star 2:18
B1 –Ed Sanders - This Is The Age Of Investigation Poetry And Every Citizen Must Investigate 5:50
B2 –Charles Bukowski - Christ, You'll Never Know, The Closing Of The Topless And Bottomless Bars 4:45
B3 –Anne Waldman - Some Small Fires 4:06
B4 –Imamu Amiri Baraka - Hard Facts: Rockefeller's Your Vice-President And Your Mama Don't Wear No Draws, A New Reality Is Better Than A New Movie 3:37
B5 –Erica Huggins - For A Woman 0:59
B6 –Ken Kesey - A Brief Discourse 5:04
B7 –Jackson Mac Low Excerpt From "Guru, Guru, Gate" 2:05
B8 –Charles Amirkhanian - Mushrooms (For John Cage) 4:58
C1 –William Carlos Williams - The Yellow Flower (From Pictures From Brueghel And Other Poems) 3:02
C2 –Allen Ginsberg - Please Master 4:40
C3 –Imamu Amiri Baraka - Hard Facts: New York Is Everywhere Big 1:58
C4 –Frank O'Hara - To The Film Industry In Crisis
Piano – Jane Freilicher, John Gruen - 3:50
C5 –Taylor Mead - I Was In A Drugstore 3:33
C6 –Jackie Curtis - The All-American Vampire Or How The Bee Sucks 3:36
C7 –Jack Spicer - The Holy Grail: The Boof Of The Death Of Arthur 5:14
C8 –John Cage - Song, Derived From The Joiurnal Of Henry David Thoreau 6:30
D1 –Tom Weatherly - Mud Water Shango, Blues For Frank Swooton 1:42
D2 –Joanne Kyger - In All This Everyday 3:31
D3 –Charles Olson - Letter 27: Maximus To Gloucester 3:15
D4 –W. S. Merwin - Fear 5:23
D5 –Maureen Owen - When You're Down And Under 1:02
D6 –Jerome Rothenberg - The Opening Of The Horse Song, Number Eleven, A Total Translation From The Navajo 2:10
D7 –Ted Berrigan - Today In Ann Arbor 2:59
D8 –Susan Howe - There Is No Good On Earth And Sin Is But A Name 1:00
D9 –Rochelle Owens - Excerpt From "The Joe Chronicles, Part 2" 2:25
D10 –Bill Knott - Corpse And Beans 0:30
D11 –Tony Towle - New York Letters 1:25
D12 –Bernard Heidsieck - Stratimelo 2:00
D13 –Peter Orlovsky - Compost Piles 3:49

DOWNLOAD with no corrupted files HERE!

Saturday 15 February 2020

The Dial-A-Poem Poets ‎– "Sugar, Alcohol, & Meat " (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 018/019) 1980

I don't know which one is Sugar,Alcohol,or Meat,but the writers pictured on the cover are ready for a cosy evening of Poetry Roulette. Set your MP3 player to shuffle and see what pops up. Some you win, some you lose,but unlike a real gambling establishment you win more than you lose.One turn you get Patti Smith.....lose.....the next you get Kathy Acker.....a win.
I suppose ,if one was to assign each poet one of the three coping mechanisms for modern livin',John Ashbery,bottom right,would be Alcohol,as he looks like an alcoholic;Giorno would be Sugar,because there's far too much of it;and lastly, Burroughs would be the Meat,for obvious reasons,as thats what he writes about.The meat on your fork and where it came from and where it's going.
The modern epidemic of crypto veganism is,of course very concerned with the subject of Meat,but in a very different way to the Burroughsian slant.For the modern 'Vegan',in inverted commas,seem to be more concerned with moral oneupmanship,than actually giving a shit about animals in general,outside of the cute and cuddly pet angle. The latest thing is how they are, in fact, saving the planet.
Not eating meat means less cows farting out greenhouse gases,means more room for the blight of Soya crops for Human consumption.....which is virtually organic tarmacing,and doesn't recognise the mass extinction problem that the globe faces;and they still drive,fly,buy tofu in plastic packages,and fart more because of their veggie diet.
So the Vegan's Naked Lunch,is the moment that they realise whats on the end of their fork,and the facts that they are Iron deficient,B12 lacking,essential Amino Acid less Extinction enabling fellow polluters,who are desperate to justify their,admittedly, free choice to be on a higher plain,looking down on vegetarians,omnivores(humans),and Carnivores (their animal chums),and proclaim this at every opportunity and puff out their chests with pride and superiority. Then they don't understand why they get such bad press? 
As a shunned Vegetarian/Flexitarian,i have no problem with Veganism,just do it quietly and stop kidding yourselves that you're now saving the planet.....we should all be sooooo grateful,Thank you all.
PS we're DOOOOMED anyway.


A1 –Peter Gordon - Extract From "External Niceties"
A2 –John Giorno - I Resign Myself To Being Here
A3-I –John Cage - Alex & Gretchen Corazzo
A3-II –John Cage - The 6th Patriach Of Zen Buddhism
A3-III –John Cage - Once I Was Visiting My Aunt Marge
A3-IV –John Cage - Dorothy Invited Me
A3-V –John Cage - One Of Suzuki's
A4 –Tom Carey - Good Night Irene
A5-I –Andreí Vosnesensky - I Am Goya
A5-II –Andreí Vosnesensky - Song Of Moscow Ancient Church Bells
B1 –Miguel Pinero - New York City Hard Times Blues
B2 –Miguel Algarin - Setenta Y Cinco Abriles
B3 –Mitchelle Kreigman - In The Bathtub
B4 –William S. Burroughs - The Intolerable Kid On The Nova Lark (From Nova Express)
B5 –William S. Burroughs Jr. - Translucent Boy, An Excellent Time, & For Neal Cassidy
B6 –Charlie Morrow - O Yeh - Don't Die
B7 –Ted Berrigan - To Jack Kerouac
C1 –Charlotte Carter - Six Months In Brooklyn
C2 –Patti Smith - Parade
C3 –Cliff Fyman - Coffee
C4 –Robin Messing - 3 Subway Poems (From "Temporary Worker")
C5 –Paul Violi - Whalefeathers
C6 –Bob Holman - Rap It Up
C7 –Allen Ginsberg - C.I.A. Dope Calypso
C8 –Anne Waldman - Lady Tactics
C9 –John Ashbery - Litany
C10 –Beth Anderson - I Can't Stand It
C11 –Rene Ricard - Rene Ricard Famous At 20
D1 –Barbara Barg - Chicks
D2 –Ned Sublette - Nice Young Mormons
D3 –Kathy Acker - I Was Walking Down The Street
D4 –Eileen Myles - Lorna & Vicki
D5 –Barbara Barg - So Fine, With Chassler
D6 –Didi Susan Dubelyew - Who Needs Exercise
D7 –Rochelle Kraut - New Born Sleep
D8 –Gary Snyder - What You Should Know To Be A Poet
D9 –Daniela Gioseffi - Eggs
D10 –Regina Beck - Message From Confucius
D11 –Bernard Heidsieck - Canal Street
D12 –Charles Bernstein - Wall As
D13 –Steve McCaffery - Viking Log (Part 2)
D14 –Ron Padgett Zzzzz

Friday 14 February 2020

"William S. Burroughs & John Giorno" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 006-007) 1975

The only Americans that ever came near to matching Dr. Feelgood for sartorial elegance had to be John Giorno and William Burroughs. A fine example of their peerless fashion sense is proudly displayed on this great cover shot on their shared double album on Giorno Poetry Systems. They look like a couple of characters who might have known Frank Booth from Lynch's 'Blue Velvet'. "So Fucking Suave",says Frank as he checks out Giorno's inelegant taste by-pass apparel.
As for Burroughs, I reckon he came out of the womb looking like an old bloke.....he'd be known as 'the Old Man' in a David Lynch movie,sitting stoically at the head of a table drooling and barking unintelligible orders while eating a cut of fly-infested unidentified meat,that suggests human flesh.
Giorno contributes his usual,confusing rants,with the same words echoing from each side of the stereo spectrum. One of the tracks is 30 minutes long, which would even test the patience of Buddah....and certainly empty most any pub or party,and isn't recommended for depression councilling.
Bill gives us yet another chance to hear his greatest hits, Ah Pook ,Green Nuns, and the classic 'lets get us some civvies' monologue from Exterminator....after all, "What the bloody fucking hell are civilians for?" the audience noise on the live parts,its to sit in reverence to listen and laugh at readings they've heard hundreds of times before.
Happy Valentines day?


A1 –W.S. Burroughs From "The Wild Boys", The Chief Smiles 6:50
A2 –W.S. Burroughs From "The Wild Boys", The Green Nun 3:32
A3 –W.S. Burroughs From "Ah Pook Is Here" 12:00
A4 –W.S. Burroughs From "Cities Of The Red Night" 10:00
B1 –W.S. Burroughs From "Junkie", 103rd Street Boys 7:29
B2 –W.S. Burroughs From "Naked Lunch" 20:28
B3 –W.S. Burroughs From "Exterminator",From Here To Eternity 3:40
C1 –John Giorno - Suicide Sutra 10:29
C2 –John Giorno - Eating Human Meat 18:57
D1 –John Giorno - Subduing Demons In America 30:51

Thursday 13 February 2020

Various ‎Artists – "Big Ego" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 012-013) 1978

Is it Ironic that an album called 'Big Ego' is opened by Patti Smith?....HeHeee,i'm like a dog with a bone here..... Seven minutes and fifty seconds of literary references,beat talk,and unaccompanied caterwauling.Truly horrible;but at least she didn't have that awful adult orientated rock group backing her up. I still haven't recovered from buying and then playing 'Horses',it just sounded'old'!? In fact most of those new york bohemian bands struck me in the same way...including The Ramones(Ironic bubblegum Rock?). The striking exception were 'Talking Heads',something genuinely new with no obvious roots, and to a certain extent, 'Television';mainly because they both dressed straight. But,Like The Ramones and Smith, punk they were not.
Cleveland seemed to have far more 'punk' cred to these ears.
At least we've got some early Philip Glass (yeah that's him,the funny looking one on the cover!?) to raise the bar,followed by lots of interesting and confrontational poetry of course;all this and a Robert Ashley track to get the weird level up a tad.
A evening of Poetry anyone? Shut up and listen for a couple of hours surrounded by an audience with applause hair-triggers, who laugh at the slightest hint of anything 'Clever';an action inferring that they are 'clever' too.The same problem occurs when a singer pronounces his lyrics clearly so you can hear the words,which naturally suggests that he,forward slash,she, must be saying something sickeningly meaningful.Its pop music, get over it! I'm sure whoever's reading this don't give several shades of shite what I think about anything,as much as I could not care less what a pop vocalists view is on any political situation or dogma.I still have no idea what Joe Strummer was going on about,but from what I understand, it was some pseudo-lefty hypocrisy with rhymes kinda stuff.Trying their level best to put the 'Y' in Nihilism.
No other such event demonstrates the manifestation of the human 'Hive Mind' than a poetry performance. The best way to experience it is buy,or download,the record of the event,hitting the pause button to get another smoothie from the fridge,or most likely go to bed.
No...its good really....its just that the punk priestess as played by hippie Smith just pissed me off a tad.


A1 –Patti Smith - The Histories Of The Universe 7:46
A2 –Philip Glass - A Secret Solo 2:17
A3 –John Giorno - Grasping At Emptiness 9:45
A4 –Laurie Anderson - Three Expediences 3:00
A5 –Robert Wilson & Christopher Knowles - A Letter To Queen 8:00
B1 –Meredith Monk - Education Of The Girlchild, 1972: Biography 8:00
B2 –Michael Lally - All Of The Above (Excerpt) 6:17
B3 –Robert Lowell - Ulysses & Circe (Excerpt) 9:40
B4 –Larry Wendt - How To Cook A Duck 4:44
B5 –Jackie Curtis - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 2:27
C1 –Ed Sanders - The Fugs: A Monologue 2:12
C2 –William S. Burroughs - Naked Lunch(Excerpt) 2:14
C3 –Harris Schiff - 15 Years Passes / Dollar Bill 1:45
C4 –Otis Brown - Boneless Chicken 1:43
C5 –Joel Oppenheimer - Cities, This City 2:45
C6 –The Fugs - Saran Wrap 1:15
C7 –Claes Oldenburg - June Was / Panodramdra 1:15
C8 –Denise Levertov - Homage To Pavese: Woman Alone 3:33
C9 –Ted Greenwald - Friends 2:08
C10 –Anthony J. Gnazzo - Hisnia & Hernia 4:44
C11 –Steve Tropp & Gloria Tropp - Snow White 1:03
C12 –Jim Brodey - Homeward Bound 1:52
C13 –Robert Ashley - Interiors With Flash 3:07
D1 –Eileen Myles - Tuesday Brightness 0:50
D2 –Helen Adam - Apartment On Twin Peaks 5:42
D3 –Anne Waldman - Light & Shadow 6:10
D4 –Joe Johnson - Fly Ho 0:37
D5 –Lorenzo Thomas - Wonders 1:50
D6 –Ishmael Reed - Sky Diving 2:19
D7 –Kenward Elmslie - The Woolworth Song 2:30
D8 –Mona DaVinci - The Last Supper Of Mona DaVinci (Excerpt) 2:50
D9 –Bernard Heidsieck - Canal Street No. 19 2:25
D10 –Steve Hamilton - Promise 3:25
D11 –Frank O'Hara - Poem / Poem 1:45
D12 –Ron Padgett No Title 1:28

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Various ‎Artists – "The Dial-A-Poem Poets" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 001) 1972

The first of the dial-a-poem albums by the Dial-A-Poem Poets. Which thankfully doesn't include any rock stars.Just a bunch of post-beat, post-hippie wordsmiths who can string more than a few words together......hang on...isn't that the too clever by half front-man from the Fugs?.....Oh God...there's Jim Carroll too!.....apart from that, you're safe.....and No Patti Smith,which can only be a good thing.Although Anne Waldman sounds exactly like Smith would sound when the praise started to be chucked in her direction like so much shit at a wall.
Bobby Seales' (the official Token Black on this predominantly white  Album) speech about 'Racism' is a particular low point. If only for the sound of the wild applause and cheering from the ,almost certainly, 'White' audience when he explains why he hates white people. "Woooo Yeaaaah,I hate White people too", screams the dressed -down stockbroker at the terminally hip 'Filmore,East' venue.If this terror ranter asked these middle class fools to shoot themselves,they may well have done it with an eagerness last seen in Jonestown.Just to prove they're not racists.....,by any means necessary......shit, I hate White People too,for different reasons.Can't say the same for Blacks,(although why should they be exempted from contempt?),or i'll be pulled up as racist by the same type of 'whites' who applauded so enthusiastically at the prospect of their own extinction. A rare example of Mass Jesus Christ syndrome in all its narcissistic glory.....Also displayed by 'White Panther'and MC5 guru idiot, John Sinclair.......sure we're ALL racist, but postive discrimination is And I can say this, because i'm a person of colour too...Pink.
"Everybody's Coloured or you wouldn't be able to see 'um." (Don Van Vliet,1972).

Wait!Isn't that Robin Williams of Mork and Mindy fame grinning in the background on the cover,or Jesus Christ?
That's obviously me in the foreground,on my way for afternoon creme tea and scones with Richard Hell at The Ritz.


A1 –Allen Ginsberg - Vajra Mantra 2:00
A2 –Diane Di Prima - Revolutionary Letters Nos. 7, 13, 16, 49 7:07
A3 –William Burroughs - Excerpts From The Wild Boys 6:53
A4 –Anne Waldman - Pressure 4:00
A5 –John Giorno - Vajra Kisses 8:20
B1 –Emmett Williams - Duet 1:50
B2 –Ed Sanders - Cemetery Hill 4:08
B3 –Taylor Mead - Motorcycles 1:52
B4 –Allen Ginsberg - Green Automobile 1953 6:30
B5 –Robert Creeley - The Messenger For Allen Ginsberg, I Know A Man 1:17
B6 –Harris Schiff - Poems 3:53
B7 –Lenore Kandel - Kali 2:20
B8 –Aram Saroyan - Not A Cricket 0:09
B9 –Philip Whalen - Excerpt From Scenes Of Life At The Capitol 3:07
B10 –Ted Berrigan - Excerpt From The Sonnets 2:35
C1 –Frank O'Hara - Ode To Joy, To Hell With It 4:52
C2 –Joe Brainard - Excerpt From I Remember 4:03
C3 –Clark Coolidge - Small Inventions: Suite V (Plurals) Secante, Suite IV 2:07
C4 –Jim Carroll - Excerpts From The Basketball Diaries 3:33
C5 –John Cage - Mushroom Haiku 4:55
C6 –Bernadette Mayer - These Stories About After The Revolution 1:50
C7 –Michael Brownstein - Geography 6:40
D1 –Brion Gysin - I Am That I Am 2:45
D2 –John Sinclair - The Destruction Of America 5:38
D3 –Anne Waldman - Holy City 2:05
D4 –Heathcote Williams - I Will Not Pay Taxes Until 4:50
D5 –David Henderson - The Louisiana Weekly No. 1 Ruckus Poem Part 1 2:00
D6 –Bobby Seale - Excerpt From Fillmore East Speech 3:10
D7 –Kathleen Cleaver - Excerpt From Fillmore East Speech 3:10
D8 –Allen Ginsberg - Blake Song: Merrily We Welcome In The Year 4:30

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Various Artists ‎– "Better An Old Demon Than A New God" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 033) 1984

Fuck me!Is that Sting and Andy Summers of the Police getting a Photo Opportunity with Burroughs?...I think i'm gonna be sick!.....and a boringly and thoroughly Mardy Lou reed.....i know how he felt.

There's a few persons in that cover photo who would love to be a New God.Attention seeking wannabes always have to ruin things don't they?
Just look at those absurd alternative pop stars straining at the leash to cosey up to counter-culture icons Giorno and Burroughs.....Jim Carroll????? What? How can you respect anyone who names their group after themselves?
Then there that dick'ead from a Glam Rock group who thought they were the Rolling Stones,flexing his counter-culture cod-piece. I was always on the side of Whispering Bob Harris after he called them Mock Rock when they played on UK TV.
Awww,poor lickle child runaway Lydia Lunch looks unhappy at that big bad old world,like a sulkier Toyah Wilcox grafted onto the body of Kevin the Teenager...bless her.
Richard Hell's on this too, the poundland Bowie as if Bowie only had a small ego, with his spikey hair cut, and someone else's torn he invented Punk Rock according to himself in the third person,and now he wants his ball back. Dickie Meyers always regarded oneself as a poet,but at least he had the common sense not to turn up for the photoshoot....probably off his pretty face on paracetamol and codine writing his next experimental pamphlet.
Yeah, I don't like these it that obvious? Don't get me started on Psychic TV!?
Dickhead pop non-Stars aside, there are a few,very few, great tracks on this flawed compilation,not the least Anne Waldman's "Oh-ho- Plutonium",which could have been a Disco Dancing classic on the "Desperately Seeking Susan" soundtrack that one. Whereas this album should have been called "Desperately Seeking William" as in W.S.Burroughs, and bathe in his art-cred radiation.
The worst track has to be Richard Hells cringworthy counter-culture by numbers irony bypass and naked application to join the NYC art elite;during which he reveals what we all suspected.....he just don't posess either a sense of humour or self-irony at all.Its track number 9 for a reason.
Then we've got Lou Reed looking like he's at someone elses party on the inner sleeve.
Its grovelling shit like these offending tracks that makes me wonder why I listen to rock music at all.Just cock a lazy eye at that party that the art-rock elite are invited to,but you ain't! This is entertainment kids!?
I suppose one could also accuse the actual poets, or artists, on here of using the silly alt-pop stars for similar reasons.....but...Nah!...they deserve at least a small percentage of the spotlight......if thats what they wanted.Mainly to shift some units I suspect?


1 –David Johansen - Imaginatin' Cocktail 2:43
2 –John Giorno - Exiled In Domestic Life 4:06
3 –William S. Burroughs - Dinosaurs 5:52
4 –Psychic TV - Unclean 5:48
5 –Lydia Lunch - What It Is 1:30
6 –Meredith Monk - Candy Bullets And Moon 4:12
7 –Jim Carroll - A Peculiar-Looking Girl 6:22
8 –Anne Waldman - Uh-Oh Plutonium 3:39
9 –Richard Hell - The Rev. Hell Gets Confused 2:21
10 –Arto Lindsay - Alisa 2:30

Laurie Anderson / John Giorno / William S. Burroughs ‎– "You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 020-021) 1981

Ahaaa, 'Poets'.don't cha just love 'em?
I sense a ruthless vitriolic attack coming on...but,wait....No,I say. That would be too obvious.That's just what you expect me to do,because I'm clearly a bitter and frustrated failed Poet myself.
Not true children, Not true....I like these poets, and most of the poets,slash,writers who exist within the Giorno Poetry Systems stable.There ain't nothing poncy about this bunch of  vicious malcontents, who use their words like razor blades sectioning major arteries as if they were chilli peppers,scraping out the seeds and throwing away the husks for the dogs to fight over.
Laurie Anderson is ,obviously, 'the nice one' of this particular trio,teetering on the cliff edge of fame and impending chart success.
Whereas the imfamous William Burroughs,had different kind of fame,being the censorship baiting voice of the post hippy generation.Laden with the job of describing the real world as we chose not to see it.
John Giorno was a kind of proto-ranter,whose no-holds barred descriptions of the seedier underbelly of modern existence are delivered with an unappealing nasally whine through a delay echo to increase the uncomfortable nature of his poems,slash, rants to the point of sticking ones fingers in ones ears.Almost as if one didn't wanna hear what Giorno was saying during these relentless verbal barrages.I have to say, Giorno's poems are much better heard when someone else reads them out,just like I thought Bob Dylans songs were better when someone else did them.I now know both of these preferences to be very wrong.
I love the cover art of all these Giorno Poetry Systems albums,with their sharply focused glossy magazine style photography and graphics.Its as in your face and intelligent as the acidic words on this shared double album.


1 –Laurie Anderson - Born, Never Asked 4:31
2 –Laurie Anderson - Closed Circuits 
3 –Laurie Anderson - Dr. Miller 4:22
4 –Laurie Anderson - It Was Up In The Mountains 2:13
5 –Laurie Anderson - For Electronic Dogs 3:08
6 –Laurie Anderson - Structuralist Filmmaking 1:10
7 –Laurie Anderson - Drums 0:34
8 –William S. Burroughs - Introducing John Stanley Hart; He Entered The Bar With The Best Intentions 2:23
9 –William S. Burroughs - Twilight's Last Gleamings 2:51
10 –William S. Burroughs - My Protagonist Kim Carson 4:56
11 –William S. Burroughs - Salt Chunk Mary; Like Mr. Hart, Kim Has A Dark Side To His Character 4:13
12 –William S. Burroughs - Progressive Education 7:13
13 –William S. Burroughs - The Wild Fruits 2:26
14 –William S. Burroughs - The Unworthy Vessel 2:45
15 –William S. Burroughs - The Name Is Clem Snide 2:03
16 –William S. Burroughs - Mr. Hart Couldn't Hear The Word Death 2:54
17 –John Giorno - I Don't Need It, I Don't Want It, And You Cheated Me Out Of It 10:40
18 –John Giorno - Completely Attached To Delusion 7:47

Monday 10 February 2020

Laurie Anderson ‎– "It's Not The Bullet That Kills You - It's The Hole"(expanded version) (Holly Solomon Gallery ‎– 004) 1977

Think of saxophones in rock and someone always mentions Jazz.Think of violins in minimalism and you think Tony Conrad and Henry Flynt.
Yeah, Laurie Anderson was a minimalist performance artist who played the Violin,rather more in keeping with the Henry Flynt angle than any Tony Conrad one note symphonies;but blending that with minimal electronics and darkly humourous spoken word passages,not unlike Robert Ashley's work around the same time,and this is a record of that time....see what i did?
Being charmingly eccentric looking,and a lady(oh what a novelty,a lady allowed to show intelligence!?),she managed to score one of thee most unlikely top ten hits in the UK charts,with "O'Superman".An Avant Garde work at number two in the charts was,and still is, a rare beast,but i think 'the public' approached it more as a Novelty record than anything weird.After all,you don't get much weirder than a Novelty record.
This unexpected sucess allowed her be more ambitious,and an audience would actually turn up for her huge "United States" multi-media opera.The centerpiece of the show is Laurie's digital aria "O Superman". The William Burroughs inspired "Language is a virus" preceded by "Difficult Listening Hour" where Laurie speaks through a filter that gives her voice a deep Burroughesque edge. Laurie plays with language, objectivity, experimentation and,typically feminine, with logic.
Of course in her early days,before becoming Mrs Lou Reed, poor cow,he used to hang out with Burroughs,Giorno,Ginsberg and all those 'Dial-a-Poem poets in New York and appeared on a few compilations before John Peel in the UK discovered her "o'Superman" single,and success,a 'second album' with a budget,and Peter bloody Gabriel beckoned. Not content with exploiting the indiginous peoples of the third world,our second favourite public schoolboy The first place goes to Joe Strummer of course!) wanted to bland out the avant garde too.
This is Laurie Anderson unsoiled by fame and popular acceptance,the two most terrible blights any artist could be set upon by.


1.Self Playing Violin (1974 From The Record Of The Time)(0:55)
2.Is Anybody Home (1976 From Airwaves) (4:19)
3.It's Not The Bullet That Kills You, It's The Hole (1976 From Airwaves) (3:47)
4.Two Songs For Tape Bow Violin (1977 From Airwaves) (4:02)
5.New York Social Life (1977 From New Music For Electronic And Recorded Media)(3:31)
6.Time To Go (For Diego) (1977 From New Music For Electronic And Recorded Media) (2:54)
7.Sh (1977 From The Record Of The Time) (1:13)
8.Tape Bow Trio (Say Yes) (1978 From The Record Of The Time)(2:01)
9.Three Expediences (1978 From Big Ego) (3:01)
10.Songs From America On The Move (1978 From The Nova Convention) (6:59)
11.Dr Miller (1981 From You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With) (4:18)
12.It Was Up In The Mountains (1981 From You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With)(2:12)
13.Drums (1981 From You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With) (0:33)
14.Closed Circuits (1981 From You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With) (7:25)
15.Born Never Asked (1981 From You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With)(4:34)
16.For Electronic Dogs (1981 From You're The Guy I Want To Shar (4:07)
17.Walk The Dog (1981 From O Superman 7'')(6:43)

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