Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Unkommuniti ‎– "Ex-Oblivione" (Black Dwarf W‎rekordings – BDC 017) 1983.

Harsh noise industrial outfit that included a future member of Stereolab, Tim Gane. Not a bad racket this is too, and not a hint of Esquivel and Elevator jazz influences to be seen(although I think that would have made it even better). What an eclectic career this young man pursued eh? This is one of the self-financed C-60's released on their own Black Dwarf imprint, along with fellow Unkommuniti members The Kallous Boys. In fact it's surprisingly not too generic for an industrial recording,has some interestingly sinister moments, and some nasty noise. What more would a depressed loner require? Anyone who encourages the listener to attack McDonalds with a sledgehammer is a star in my world, and should be in yours!  

Track Listing:

A1 N.A.G. 2:06
A2 Black Goat 2:39
A3 The Hand Behind 3:18
A4 Rats Above Scientists 2:10
A5 Out And Out 2:16
A6 Turn The Inner Eye 4:32
A7 Attack MacDonalds With A Sledgehammer Please 1:26
A8 Odour Of Sanctity 2:39
A9 Wormline 2:34
A10 Truthtrance 5:08

B1 Black Suggestion 3:20
B2 Eidolon 2:59
B3 No Longer An Inch 3:01
B4 Condition-Ut-Extremis 3:06
B5 New Awareness 2:36
B6 Ex-Nihilo Nihil Fit 5:05
B7 Ex-Oblivione 1:24

DOWNLOAD this ex oblivione HERE!

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