Saturday, 15 February 2014

Minóy\Zannóy - "Monochrome Melodrama" (ZH27 - 294) 1987

Another tumble dryer of found sound and radio shack effects units, fused together like trees from the shores of pre-cambrian oceans to form what they now call diamonds, and we unpopular sound lovers call, a Minoy/Zannoy cassette.
This Monochrome Melodrama of life starts off with a crescendo of vacuum tube vacuousness spiralling in a vortex of effects units and black noise. Which, in a back to front kind of way, tails off into a flock of electronic Starlings gliding home to roost in the electricity pylons carrying the output of an outmoded Nuclear power plant.
There’s something strictly Ante-deluvian about the work of these two characters(Minoy and Hoffman), an ever present feeling of impending doom; like there’s something shadowy just beyond your peripheral vision.......waiting.
Waiting for what, is up to the interpretation of the listener; but as long as you are in a reasonably sound psychological state, one can reach a momentary plateau when all paranoia is cleansed,and life is normal again.But don’t let that fool ya, the Government IS lying to you!

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