Wednesday 23 March 2016

Damião Experiença ‎– "Planeta Lamma" (Self-Released ‎– 19939000) 1971

Every country has their own Jandek don't they?......if not, then they should.
To keep with our short Brazilian theme, here's Brazil's Jandek ; Damião Ferreira Da Cruz aka Damião Experiença.
He's a sort of Rasta Moondog, crossed with Father Yod, Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk, and, of course, Jandek.
Except, whereas the famed Corwood representative sounds mentally disturbed, Mr Damião Ferreira Da Cruz just, in a joyful way. The kind of mentalist that gave the psychiatric Hospital the jolly moniker "The Happy House".
The actual reality is that all psychiatric units are full of 'Jandeks' and not happy rasta types.
Naturally, like the aforementioned musical references, this stuff is an acquired taste, and i must admit running through this thing to edit it, I almost gave up breathing just to free myself from it. This is always a recommendation, because most of my favourite artists had the same effect on me the first time I heard them.
To give this a label is an insult, but i'll try to use something other than 'Other'; so lets go for Outsider Psychedelic Folk?

Zchivago's Challenge:

Who was/is your country's Jandek?

(I'm going for Edward Barton for the UK, or maybe James Blunt?)


A1 1308 Registrou Gravou Rose Oliria Experiença
A2 Que Dor Eu Sinto
A3 A Vida É Sempre Assim
A4 Linguagem Do Povo Do Infinito Ao Universo De Rose De 1999
A5 Loucura Total 1999 A Damião Experiença
A6 Amente Astrologica 1999
A7 Planeta Lamma
B1 Minha Dor
B2 Som Planeta Lamma
B3 Planeta Bicho
B4 Mundo No Espaço
B5 Meu Passado? Meu Presente
B6 Linguagem Do Planeta Lamma Musica Do Planeta Lamma

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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Flores Feias - "F .˙. F .˙." (Meia-Vida - Mv32) 2015

Moving on from Rapael Flores,how about segueing with some different flora, with Flores Feias? Which means 'Ugly Flowers' in Portuguese, a very accurate description of the music on this Blog methinks?
I do harbor a proud reputation of being stuck in the past, in fact hardly venturing past 1984, for good reason.However, every now and again I hear a modern recording that doesn't bore the living shit out of me! One of these very recordings is this limited edition C-40 from the Brazilian cassette label, Meia-Vida. A solo project by Aline Vieira, it has echo's of the good side of Lydia' lunch's "Queen of Siam" LP, and in equal measures, the more minimal scratchy elements of NY No Wave. It doesn't hinder none that the perpetrator is the very opposite to an ugly flower to complete the equation.Brains and Beauty is a rare combination,and here's evidence that it exists.
In my humble opinion, the best Record of 2015.

Tracks and Links:

A1 Fetiche
A2 Feitico
A3 Sensimesmado
A4 Flutuar
B1 Foice
B2 Flores Feias

Monday 7 March 2016

Rafael Flores - "CB 09" (Self Released) 1980

Ah, another flowering of the Flores brand of hispanic Industrial music,exploring the outer realms of the Roland Space echo. If you've ever been concussed and came round in accident and emergency,then this will bring back memories of awakening face up on the hospital trolley staring up at the ceiling,with unfamiliar faces looking down at you discussing your symptoms. A sort of a half-assed out of body experience. This could have been a recording of my brain when I was drifting in and out of consciousness after my much publicised car accident......don't wanna talk bout it too much,as my Post-traumatic stress disorder has now abated and i don't wanna open old mental scars. Listening to this is as close as I'm comfortable with.


Side 1 (30.00)
Side 2 (30.00)

DOWNLOAD and hear my pain HERE!

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Rafael Flores - "Amarga Cosecha" (Self-Released) 1980

Where does one go after all of those minimal synth and Coventry posts?......well, obviously into the misty realms of a spot of Spanish Industrial......where else?
Rafael Flores (or Flowers), is equally obscure, and prolific. Releasing enough cassette tape to stretch from the Alhambra Palace to the sea of tranquility,and probably back again. One of his cassettes should have been sellotaped to the side of Voyager 2.Mainly to show that there's intelligent life on our galactic desert island,but also,maybe to scare off any high-tech predators.
"Amarga Cosecha" is a swirling vortex of paella, fleshed out with seafood dredged from the parts of the ocean only James Cameron and the third class corpses from the Titanic have ever seen before. Constantly lurking where my ears are most comfortable,in the areas that challenge the very definition of what 'Music' is,was and could have been.


1. Side A (28:55)
2. Side B (29:43)

DOWNLOAD the flowers of flores HERE!

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