Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bourbonese Qualk - "Recloose Organisation Releases" (1983-86)

Three release from the Funky Industrial Disko that is Bourbonese Qualk.
More form the 23 Skidoo/400 Blows end of the Industrial Spectrum than the TG middle end or the crusty whitehouse edges. Highly entertaining.

"Laughing Afternoon" -(Recloose Organisation ‎– LOOSE 004)1983


A1 God With Us
A2 Idiot Pain
A3 Barcelona Telephone Exchange
A4 Freefall
A5 Blood Orange Bargain Day
A6 Behind Closed Doors
B1 Qualk Street
B2 To Hell With The Consequences
B3 Building Jerusalem
B4 Feast Of Trumpets
B5 Virgin Ears, Virgin Eyes
B6 Spanner In The Works
B7 Mystery Dance

DOWNLOAD for a laugh HERE!

"Hope" (Recloose Organisation ‎– LOOSE 007) 1984


A1 Erector 2:37
A2 Sunset Sex 6:13
A3 Invocation 3:54
A4 Cold Blood 1:50
A5 Head Stop 3:33
A6 Mission England 2:51
B1 Dereliction 4:44
B2 Black Madonna 3:12
B3 Gag 4:28
B4 Something In The Air 4:10
B5 There Is No Night 2:41

DOWNLOAD hopefully HERE!

"Preparing For Power"- (Recloose Organisation ‎– LOOSE 010) 1986


A1 Return To Order
A2 Outcry
A3 Boggy Creek
A4 Confrontation
A5 Lies
A6 Soft City
B1 Xenophobia
B2 Born Left Hearted
B3 Is-it-as-it-was
B4 Backlash
B5 Insurrection

DOWNLOAD and prepare for power HERE!


bill said...

Lovely. Thanks especially for this one JZ. :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

cheers, bill.