Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Konstruktivists - "Psyko-Genetika II" -(Harsh Reality Music HR07) 1985

The sound of dying factorys, malfunctioning generator sub-stations, and radio's tuned into the microwave radiation background of the most distant parts of the cosmos; can be alluring if heard for the first few times.
We (not me)first heard stuff like this in the 1950's via the BBC radiophonic workshop, and Louis and Bebe Barron's soundtrack for 'The Forbidden Planet'.
 Fifty years on it's kinda become irritating and easy. Frankly, even in 1985, anyone could make an Industrial album like this. Fiddle about with some electronic sound generator,feed it through a load of effects, and you're gonna end up with a gloomy doomy 'Weird' soundscape like this. Hell, we've all made an Industrial album, if i wanna listen to something like this I'll make it myself in a couple of hours, and it'd be more fun.
Although I salute this genre as being the ultimate in non-muso music for people who haven't got a clue how to play an instrument; Inclusive music, rather than exclusive. This is a good thing, but I don't wanna hear it anymore........although, you can by downloading this dreary C60 below: (give it a go, I've just got up and I've got the arse/ translation: I am's not that bad)
 Dark industrial lite for the down elevator to Hell. Delightfully dark and doomy,but not so much so that you couldn't tap your feet to it whilst sipping a Campari and soda.
The Industrial version of Dub Reggae;superb background music for a grass smoking soirée in the suburbs,  before the quail egg canapés.Best served as an Hors d'oeuvre to some recreational drug taking,washed down by a refreshing glass of Bucks Fizz and/or Pimms.
I think i'm saying this is Industrial music for the Nouveau Riche , a kind of classy but classless oneupmanship display for your 'dumber' friends who still like Punk Rock.
Dark, but I being unfair??


Mansonik (Version)
Mansonik No.3
PTI The 2nd
Her Exit
Black December
The Theme
Open Signs
Film-O-Sonik (Version)
Industrial Surrealist

DOWNLOAD  psyko-genetika II HERE!


Anonymous said...

good stuff

Hal McGee said...

Please remove this from your blog because three years ago I published this on my Bandcamp site with the authorization of Harsh Reality Music label owner Chris Phinney. It is for sale on my Bandcamp:
Thanks! -- Hal

Anonymous said...

Truly a work of the Universe. Thanks!