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Killdozer – "For Ladies Only" (Touch And Go – T&GLP#39) 1989

As one has already outed "For Ladies Only" by Killdozer......the American Killdozer,and not the not bad actually French Killdozer; the greatest covers album of all time earlier in this thread. I thought that maybe I should post it for the less enlightened among us? Yes?
Michael Gerald, or "Mr Romance" for this project, and the Hobson Brothers "Bill" and "The Thinker" respectively,show us how to do a proper cover version. Just the correct amount of irreverence ,with a sprinkling of Irony,played as straight as their own mini-symphonies is a potent recipe for cover version heaven. Killdozer are no strangers to cover versions as most of their fantastic albums regularly had a left field track to cover by such horrible artists as Neil DiamondNeil Young ,Creedence Clearwater re-drivel,and EMF....unbelieveable!.....I did,however, have a great night out at a Leicester Polytchnic gig by EMF back in 1992,the floor was so drenched in sweat and other slimy substances that i could do a great moonwalk for the kids. (The Killdozer gig was a more reverential experience down the M1 in Northampton a couple of years earlier...with Head Of David...GR8)
Killdozer are,of course, subtly  taking the piss out of these artists, but at the same time they may also be quietly playing tribute to some guilty pleasures going on here.Sophisticated chaps that they certainly are.
If there's one track that desperately needed the Killdozer treatment, it would have to be the terminally awful "American Pie" by the one hit wonder of one hit wonders Don McLean; who to this day still lives off the back of this cheesy monster....a special kind of  Baroque Country, only equaled by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra,and Glen Campbell in his Jimmy Webb years.
Other terrible acts that get the treatment are Bad Company,and the bloody awful Steve Miller Band!?
A point of disinterest is that the producers of both 'hit' Nirvana albums had something to do with this project. Butch Vig(Never Mind) produced it, and Steve Albini (In Utero) wrote the sleeve notes.
Killdozer had a lucky escape by the looks of it. The Grunge explosion was just around the corner,and all those bands existed shoulder to shoulder at the same time as Killdozer.They all got famous while Killdozer drifted into obscurity,and Michael Gerald became a big shot Lawyer....I guessed he was a clever sod....perhaps too clever? 

NB-there's a lot of thoroughly entertaining links on this one.

PS-one more link,I don't ask for much so sign this please(more info here),she ain't no serial killer,and she's been fitted up,done like a kipper, and thrown under the Bus: CLICK HERE and sign


1.Hush (Deep Purple/Billy Joe Royal)
2.Good Lovin' Gone Bad (Bad Company)
3.Burnin' Love (Arthur Alexander)
4.You've Never Been This Far Before (Conway Twitty)
5.One Tin Soldier - The Legend Of Billy Jack (The Original Caste)?
6.Take The Money And Run (Steve Miller Band)
7.American Pie (Don MacLean)
8.Funk #49 (James Gang)
9.Mr Soul (Buffalo Springfield)


Charles Hodgson said...

I had a strange feeling about the LB case too, can only be a matter of time before this case becomes a "rough justice" cause celebré.
I'm still not 100% sure if she did it or not, but it doesnt seem that it was proved "beyond a reasonable doubt", so it's not a safe conviction.
I noticed my hackles were rising when the usual media dead heads were calling her a disgusting monster. That never troubled me with old Myra.
What are your thoughts/concerns, Jonny?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Nice one Charles.
Briefly there is virtually zero evidence that a crime has been committed nevermind mind Letby murdering anyone. The so-called evidence is 100% circumstantial which has been pieced together in a bizarre way to make it look like their suspect was there everytime a baby died of natural causes.Stats experts have revealed this......guilt by overtime its been called.
6 of the seven babies were given post-mortems by the coroner, who decided they dies of "Natural Causes". Most likely caused by the pathogens and virus's breeding in the raw sewage that was constantly leaking into the neo natal ward. Leaking sewage pipes and very sick babies do not mix.
The so-called smoking gun Insulin poisonings has been explained away as possibly a nutural process too, and the 8 year old tests unreliable....the two babies briefly had high rates,then fluctuated back to low,then normal.Both babies survived are are alive today. Those "I Am Evil" post it notes have been imaginatively taken out of context out of hundreds of notes to seem like the ravings of a psychopath when they were merely natural self-blame,self-flagellation,that any normal person does when tragedies happen....I blame myself for putting my dog down for example....and the tense in which its written is talking about what the police have been saying about her,and doesn't seem to be concerned about the parts in which she claims innocence.......i could go on.
All this stuff can be checked out at

happy to answer any questions.

Watch out for the lynch mob everyone thinks shes guilty!

Anonymous said...

This piece does make you wonder:


Jonny Zchivago said...

Certainly does...there are loads of very detailed articles out there. especially now she's applying for leave of Appeal.

greatdividing said...

p.s. petition signed fingers x'd

Jonny Zchivago said...

You will be rewarded in Heaven.

Vaykorus said...