Sunday 2 February 2014

Muslimgauze – "Blinded Horses" (Limited Edition Records Limited2) 1985

Industrial album cover designer’s dilemma:”What shall we put on our LP cover?………A Leading Nazi?……no……..Charles Manson?…no……ah, How about that caveman of intellect Ayatollah Khomieni!!!…yes……and it fits inwith my pro-islamist politics……clever!”
I know I am flirting with Fatwa territory, but so fucking what, those intellectual minnows should read the Koran and find out what being a muslim is all about.
And Bryn Jones, a man who wasn’t a muslim, or ever went to a muslim country should have kept his big nose out of affairs that don’t concern him.Like the evil Tony ‘mass murderer’ Blair should have done. (Has any industrial artist ever put Tony Blair on the cover of their LP?)
But….again this is a very listenable Industrial ethnic LP. Hypnotic tribal tape loops, dubbed up Industrial Disco, with minimal effect laden electronics, all make for a half descent Industrial album. Good stuff, if misguided,and irritatingly subliminally soap-boxy!


Byzantine Crucifixion 6:25
Zebra Slaughter 5:02
Palestine 8:41
Death Of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale 8:52
Political Asylum 9:18

DOWNLOAD some blinded horses HERE!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the disc & vitit my site friend:

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, you're a huge Islamophobe.

Jonny Zchivago said...

And you're a huge Twat!

Anonymous said...

Nice one J Zchivago!! Ha ha ha, excellent