Friday, 6 December 2013

Danny and the Dressmakers - "The complete collection" 1979-80

By far the best band that ever picked up a violin was not The Electric Light Orchestra!!!!! was obviously the immortal Danny and the Dressmakers!
So, as the twats at Mediafuckingfire have tried to supress this information by deleting allllll of my files; this gives one a superb opportunity to re-up and re-post the entire DATD's back catalogue in one fat megapost.
This stuff was far more important to the 15 year old 'moi' than the Pistols ever were.
The Dressmakers really showed us youths weened on progressive rock that we could really do it too, and have a laugh doing it!
But, the main contribution that they gave to DIY music was the performance aspect that was soooo lacking in most of the bedroom bound DIYers.
What would you rather be? Danny and the Dressmakers or be the Mauthausen Orchestra? Thats a complete no-brainer.
Anyone sorry loner with a tape deck could make an 'industrial' tape, and thousands did; but where was the performance? The Dannymakers gave us this essentila of showbiz, and art. They were the Mothers of Invention for the DIY generation, and near sub-genius's to boot.
(200 cancellations was obviously an anti-matter version of Zappa's 200 Motels, was it not?)
So, Download the bands epic four and a half hour long anti-rock opera, "200 Cancellations" below. Released on three C-90 cassettes on Fuck Off records in 1979. Its fucking brilliant!

DOWNLOAD 200 cancellations part 1,2, and 3 HERE!

The Dressmakers "Go Mental", which includes such classics as 'Miss Ellie's Mastectomy' and 'Where's me Fucking Giro?', can be downloaded in 320kbps  below:

Track Listing:

Side Uno
He Slaps Goats
Lets Go Down The Golden Nugget
EBB + Flo In A Concrete Jungle
Lucille Ballshow
Gerry Anderson
The Rustle Of Spring (inst)
Listen You Dumbfuck
The Life Divine
A Chocolate Supreme
I Crashed Out Man
The Dutch Drink Bowls of Spit
1092 Meals A Year

Duexieme Side
Young Musician Of The Year
Charles Bronson
Ballet Rambert
Be Cool Be Calm
I Want My Baby Back
Another Baby
Henry Spencer
Whers Me Fuckin GIRO?
Miss Ellie's - Mastectomy

DOWNLOAD and go mental HERE!

 Lets not forget DATD's greatest hits album "39 Golden Grates", probably their best, and most accessable work.......;cum on baby, lite my shite!

01 - eggs on legs
02 - space oddity
03 - he's washing the posts
04 - danny and the dressmakers going down the road
05 - dynamite
06 - lennons supermarket tango
07 - song chocolate
08 - jesus christ you're so anaemic
09 - ernie bishops dead body
10 - whats your blood group and how does a dog digest its food
11 - rubber plants
12 - night fever
13 - alfie winbush
14 - what the world needs now
15 - whats a girl like you doing in a...
16 - drying out my rained on rizlas
17 - buddha the crab
18 - we're crossing the pelican crossing
19 - you're gonna get a rollockin'
20 - don't put your bernard pokery on stage mrs eric clapton
21 dont make another bass guitar mt rickenbacker
22 - rolf harris stylophones
23 - tree
24 - rubber plants and i left my gall bladder in moss side
25 - fuckin' bleedin' einstein
26 - edward exposes her mammary glands
27 - tv boredom on the dole
28 - drop dead
29 - iron lung funk
30 - 69
31 - lapsang do da tea
32 - test card girls 

33 - going down the sperm bank four quid a wank
34 - donna summer
35 - you're no doctor
36 - god puts a stop to the silver paper eating three legged monster
37 - how hot is a match
38 - hey ho hey ho my cholesterol level is low
39 - cathy and claire
40 - talking clock
41 - legalise vimto
42 - can't you make your mind up
43 - 2001 c'est un odesy de space
44 - come on baby lite my shite
45 - if the kids are united they'd throw bricks at jimmy pursey
46 - los endos

DOWNLOAD and lite your own shite HERE! 

Sample an example of classic Dressmakers Live, recorded mostly at the Deeply Dale Festival in 1979, and Manchester Polytechnic.The whole of the back to sing again for free cassette, on Fuck Off Records, can be downloaded below, along with a couple of superflous tracks from elsewhere, eg the Eggs on Legs version from that messthetics cd-r thingy.ENJOY!

DOWNLOAD some extraeneous dressmakers HERE!


Sedric that bastard said...

Meejafire's cockended your Danny downloads mate

Jonny Zchivago said...

sorry sedric, 'twas my fault.I forgot to reup the files to a more sensible file Ubuntu.
To be done today.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Now fully repaired.

Anonymous said...

15 years old here, and this is the perfect music to keep me sane trudging through high school. I forgot how much gold was on this blog!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Perfect music indeed.
Yes it a pity stuff gets buried away on this blog....i will have to re-post a lot of it in the future. A large amount of visitors never get beyond page one.

mad as a box of frogs said...

can't believe I just stumbled apon this - bless you

Jake Jacobson said...

Hey there, I saw some tracks are missing from the "Go Mental" archive file (The tape has 30 songs, but there are only 19 are on the archive). Can you please fix the issue and upload them too?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Oh Balls! I will look into this crime immeadiately!