Monday, 23 December 2013

Het Magisch Theater - " Magthea and Insanity " (Self-release) 1983

Any art that has the uber realist philosophy, as printed on the insert of this cassette,and I quote:
"The only meaning of life is Emptiness. The Horrible, beautiful Emptiness. There is no evil, no good; there is only the blind power of: to be or not to be, to will or not to will, to do or not to do. Nothing is arranged. It is chaos where-out the uncontrolled insanity grows...".
......has to be good!
But, this is great!
I assume this was intended as an accompanying electronic soundtrack  for some dodgy fringe theatre production in Antwerp, Belgium, back in 1983. A year when it seemed that everyone in that fine land had a synthesizer,and/or a minimal electronic project going on.
This C-60 is a forgotten classic of the era,full of throbbing oscillators, tin pot drum machines, and monophonic synths-a-plenty.
And remember,the only meaning of life is Emptiness, but the kind of emptiness found on this cassette gives life meaning.A horrible, beautiful meaning.

Track Listing:

Side A : Untitled (30:58)
Side B : Untitled (31:10)

DOWNLOAD this insanity HERE!


Sminski said...

Zo goed dat het in uw prullenbak zit :(?

Mr. P said...

I am really looking forward to listening to this Belgian craziness. Please rescue it from the trash, so that we can have access.