Monday, 9 December 2013

Sir Alick and the Phraser - " In Search Of The Perfect Baby " - ( Black Noise Records 7No5) 1980

To accompany the  'It's War Boys' back catalogue,(see previous posts s.v.p?), its only natural to listen to some Black Noise; the sister label to Jim Whelton's insane imprint.
Black Noise was more of a Bruno Wizard influenced label,for The Homosexuals and stuff like Sir Alick and the Phraser.
The "In Search of a Perfect Baby"single is a masterpiece of unsyncopated abstract pop; a cubist portrait of a hit.It sort of makes sense, like a jigsaw with several pieces forced into the wrong slots. It's wrongness is only rivalled in my world by Beefheart's "Frownland" from Trout Mask....high praise indeed.

Track Listing:

In Search Of The Perfect Baby

Nursery Chymes

DOWNLOAD this Perfect baby HERE!


ROOKSBY said...

Never heard of this one before, & it's a fucking cracker! :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Rooksby,
I agree,it almost makes it into my personal top ten singles fantasy chart.
In at number eleven?