Thursday, 12 December 2013

Various Artists - "It's a Crap Punk Rock Christmas" - ( a Die or DIY? mixtape #1) 2012

Have a Crap Punk Christmas From all at DIE or D.I.Y?

 What is Crap punk you ask? It's punk rock by people too disenfranchised by fashion to have been  in the despicable Bromley Contingent. It's punk rock from the provinces, where the kids genuinely  couldn't afford a leather jacket,or any instruments.It doesn't sound like bad heavy metal.It's  ideologically confused and politically neutral.It was made by kids who had no choice but to Do it themselves, and perfect the art of doing a guitar solo without a guitar.
It can include 'Fake Punk'(Mary Monday,Alan Milman Sect,FU2), which was often better than 'Real Punk' (Sex Pistols,Clash).It was from council estates and suburban cess pits,and not art schools. But the main point is, that it is still capable of making henry and henrietta normal angry.
Which would clear a room between "Anarchy in the Uk" or Keine Namen's "Can I Have a Light?"  ???
The Sex Pistols is something that's played at nouveau riche Fondue Soireé's jn the 21st century, whereas the atonal racket of Keine Namen would cause ex-punkers Rupert and Caroline to drop their bread in the cheese, and lisp angrily what had happened to the Thex Pithtols? Then sing along to Vic Reeves' "I Remember Punk Rock", totally missing the irony.

So Die or DIY? has stuck together a C-90 mixtape, using an old cassette copy of one of thee main 
causes of Rock'n'rolls rebirth; Rick Wakeman's "Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the  Round Table".Play this while you eat your brussel sprouts this merry midwinter festival, and think of what might have been,and 
what still can be.

I know The Adverts got in the charts, but they were probably the most musically incompetant of the first wave of punk bands,and this demo version
is virtually a call to arms for all Crap Punks everywhere.
The Thought Criminals' "I wont Pay For Punk Records" is undoubtedly the national anthem of Die or DIY?,and concisely  captures the basic philosophy of this blog in the poetry contained within those lyrics.
Australia was a close second place to the UK in the Crap Punk stakes; and Oz's finest ,the Victims, can be proudly crowned as the first  Hardcore band, and not the Middle Class(USA) as is so often touted(and what about Wire?).
I could go on all day, but to paraphrase the immortal words of The Scabs...."Fuck off and Leave me Alone!"

Die or D.I.Y?'s christmas mixtape 2012:

"It's a Crap Punk Rock Christmas!"

1 - “"It’s a Punk Rock Xmas" -” – The Alan Milman Sect
2 –- "One Chord Wonders”(demo version)" - –The Adverts
3 - –“"I won’t Pay For Punk Records”" – The Thought Criminals
4 –- "“Perth is a Culture Shock" -” –The Victims
5 -– “"Radio Iceland”" - –Those Intrinsic Intellectuals
6 - "Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches" - The Bleach Boys
7 - "Coming Up For Air" - The Pseudo Existors
8 - "Cybernetic Surgery" - The Cybermen
9 - "Killer Man" - Gasoline
10- "Drugs Kill" - The Rayzors
11- "Dead Girl" - The Vacants
12- "He's Dead" - Six Minute War
13- "I Wanna Die" - Johnny Moped
14- "Kill The Blanks" - Chainsaw
15- "Arrested" - The Accused
16- "Air Raid" - Disorder
17- "Mr Fixit" - U.X.B.
18- "Hurricane Fighter Plane" - The Crash Action Winners
19- "Hornsey at War" - Hornsey at War
20- "Dregs of Humanity" - The Dregs
21- "Have you got 10p?" - The Ejected
22- "Can I have a light?(pt.1) - Keine Namen
23- "Playing my Guitar" - FU2
24- "Slice it up" - Fallout
25- "A.B.O.D" - He's Dead Jim
26- "I dont Wanna be your Politics" - The Hitler SS
27- "Whitehouse" - Schizoid
28- "U.F.O. Dictator" - Tampax
29- "Senility Counteracts Experience" - The Barron Balls
30- "Tumor Boy" - The Mentally Ill
31- "Horizontal Action" - The Psycho Surgeons
32- "Where are my Hormones?" - The Avant Gardeners
33- "Je Vais t'ébranler en peu" - Marie et les Garcons
34- "Popgun" - Mary Monday and the Bitches
35- "I Want Sex" - The Reactors
36- "No Pictures of us" - The Sods
37- "Nothing" - The Prats
38- "Leave me alone" - The Scabs



sweet-hooligan said...

Yay... it's Christmas... I hope your pressie has arrived Monsieur Zvhivago...

Jonny Zchivago said...

yes it has, and thanks for the Stupid Rabbit xmas card.
Enjoying the magazine,especially the Outsider Punk bit of course.
Merry yuletide to all.

defmuse said...

I know this might be asking a lot, but do you have this as 320 or FLAC?

Jonny Zchivago said...

i could do, but it just ain't gonna happen...i'm very busy...this was made in the days when i knew nothing about bit-rates, and thought 192k was the top quality...thats what iTunes reckoned was worth out money. Leave it with me.

defmuse said...

I'll have a blueeeee Christmas, without youuuuuu. :_(