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ANGST IN MY PANTS EP (Deleted Records DEP 002) 1980

The other big shot of the DIY world was Deleted Records from the rock and roll furnace that is Grimsby. Run by those self proclaimed Legends in their own Lunchtime, The Instant Automations, or Mark Automaton and Protag(#). It was from this stable that this double seven incher was unleashed on the genuinely unknowing public in 1980.

"This is doubtlessly one of the finest records I've ever heard, and the second greatest compilation in the history of rock!Well the proof is in the pudding: Not only does the record include some of the finest recorded moments by the legendary Instant Automatons , 012 and the Door and the Window, but furthermore a rare vinyl appearance by the Digital Dinosaurs! If that ain't enough you get some fine TVP-related spurts from the Missing Persons and extremely do it yourself DIY frenzy from the Midnight Circus. Who in "Silicone Baby" and "Hedonist Jive" have out-poignanted a tow-truck full of Aimee Mann's and Michelle Shocked's edgy humanity and funny as shit to boot."(Johan Kugelberg ,Ugly Things Magazine)

Track listing:

restless night       INSTANT AUTOMATONS
  scared to be alone   INSTANT AUTOMATONS
  cracked actor        MIC WOODS
  weekday crush        MIC WOODS
  silicone baby        MIDNIGHT CIRCUS
  hedonist jive        MIDNIGHT CIRCUS
  9 to 5               012
  in the ghetto        012
  sideways man         DIGITAL DINOSAURS
  not got champagne    LILY MALONE
  is it you, is it me  COLIN POTTER
  i am your shadow     COLIN POTTER
  quick one            COLIN POTTER
  blue eyed boy        MISSING PERSONS
  angst in my pants    MISSING PERSONS
recorded at Street Level 8 track bannana factory 28th-30th july, engineered and mixed
variously by kif kif, grant showbiz and corina

Note That the First greatest compilation in the history of Rock is "The Weird Noise E.P" of course!
Also that the Midnight Circus come from my home town of Leicester,home of many Diy legends like Deep Freeze Mice amongst many others.

# On the subject of Protag, i can't think of any other genre that include participants with such excellent monikers as this.Other notables are Bendle, Nag,Giblet, and of course Kif Kif.

DOWNLOAD directly to your pants HERE!

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