Sunday, 15 December 2013

Various - Beyond the River (a Reading Compilation) Open Door Records 1982

I think every town/ village/linear settlement in the UK had a compilation of local bands released between 1978 and 81!
So now its the turn of Reading, (Home Town of The Lemon Kittens).
This ones pretty good too, so it gets posted.
Also check out the cassette precursor of this compilation: "Anything Could Happen in the Next Half Hour"  on this very blog! Its better even than this!

Track Listing:
01. El Seven - Under control
02. Dig Dig Dig - Behind the wall
03. The Ballistics - Chinese jungle
04. Shrinking Men - Marginally adjusted
05. Shrinking Men - Visitors
06. Access - Short
07. The Stills - Obsession
08. A1 Vegetables - It's all in the Name
09. Movita - Orange coma
10. The Beating Hearts - Wrap me up
11. St. Vitus' Dance - I've been used
12. The Erection Set - Foochie Capes

DOWNLOAD from beyond the River HERE!

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pinkie said...

Thanks for this one. My home town :)