Monday, 30 December 2013

M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) - "Mectpyo" - (Grand Mal edicions 1985) 1980

A Spanish release of an earlier self-released cassette from 1980.
Sounding like an approaching doomsday machine, crushing your nuclear bunker, then wiping your brain with its unstoppable sonic weaponry. Parts sound like a ZX spectrum programme or pogrom, fed through a fucked up distortion pedal. This is the sound of a failing society, which I suspect is exactly the image that M.B. wants to project. The answer to which is inevitably something dodgy and right wing. But who wants answers????...I fucking don't !!...if a society is failing, let it fail. This is natural law is it not?
The answer to life ,the universe and everything is.....There is NO just IS!
Put that piece of cod philosophy in yer proverbial pipe and choke on it!
And oh, by the way....this is a great fucking Tape!


A - Maidanek Bakterium & Musique Belze  )44:43)
B - Mutant Brain & Mord Bahnhof  (44:32)

DOWNLOAD this bunker crusher HERE!

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