Monday, 16 December 2013

Various Artists – "Sent From Coventry" (Kathedral Records ‎– Kath 1) 1980

Yet another classic local compilation of various 'too-late' Punk,Post-Punk, Punky Reggae,and Proto-Indie, bands. This time from the city that gave the world the punked up ska sound of Two tone. Wether this is something to be proud of, I dunno. Its due to this lot that we have to endure a myriad of punky-ska bands everywhere on the planet, with their irritating 'lets have fun' vibe. The repressing oppression of enforced jollity,is something to be avoided. I'll have fun, including Dance, when I fucking feel like it! As a 15 year old in 1979,it was depressing to see your former Punk Rock buddies become mods,or soul boys, and listen to Ska and Northern Soul; the polar opposite to what I saw as the musical progression of Joy Division, PiL and Throbbing Gristle. in fact PiL wrote a song about it,check out "Memories", not to mention "I was a Mod before you was a Mod" by the TV Personalities. The clothes were good though, but seeing a Specials Concert where the entire audience looked like they were in the band, desperately dancing like that superfluous member of Madness, was a sad indictment on the human flocking instinct;as abhorrent as a UK Subs gig at the time. What was the fucking point? At least Jerry Dammers was wise to the situation, as 'More Specials' was a fine album, in the classic sense of turning away from the 'successful' formula that record exec's crave. Now, a few of these groups had various Two Tone members who jumped ship before this was recorded.For example, Roddy radiation was in The Wild Boys, and penned the two tunes on this comp.Terry hall was in The Squad, and there are various ex- selectors, and other Specials connections scattered amongst the other lot on this,admittedly Fine LP.Stand out track for me being The Mix's "With You", a superior post-punky reggae number,that could have signalled greater things in another era not over-populated by similar acts. All this activity created in a city that some deem one of Hitler's (sorry to mention 'him' again, and please don't make any dumbass comments!) greatest atrocities. After the Luftwaffe bombed it flat, it let loose the British Modernist Architecture squad,and replaced, what was formerly one of Britain's finest Medieval towns, with concrete overpasses and underpasses, and Buildings that would not have been out of place in the Soviet empire and is quite simply an abysmally depressing eyesore. No wonder these bands had something to say. Crap football team too! (as a Leicester City fan, I have many miserable memories of Highfield Road in the M69 derby's of yesteryear; but it looks as though we won't have to play them again for years, as they/Coventry City, are dropping like stone!......quelle dommage!)

Track Listing:

A1 Wild Boys We're Only Monsters
A2 The Clique Mothers Never Know
A3 The End Panic In The Night
A4 The Mix With You
A5 The Machine Character Change
A6 Urge Nuclear Terrorist
B1 Protege Protection
B2 Solid Action Message From A Loner
B3 Wild Boys Lorraine
B4 The Squad Flasher
B5 Homicide .Armageddon
B6 Riot Act  Sirens
B7 V. Babies Donna Blitzen

DOWNLOAD from Coventry HERE!


sfdoomed said...

This is one of my favorite powerpop/punk/new wave comps ever, and sadly it's virtually unknown. I would argue that every tune is a winner, except for maybe "Flasher" by The Squad.
Thanks for posting!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Absolutely, my iPod was on random just the other week, and that flasher song came on. I had to see who it was, then swiftly forward it on to the next track. Terrible stuff.

David PaulSon said...

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