Friday, 6 December 2013

Various Artists - "The Weird Sampler" (Weird Noise Tapes W 000) 1980

One of the classic DIY compilations of the original DIY Cassette Culture era, from Fuck Off Records spin off label, Weird Noise Tapes. No less than 10 Danny and the Dressmakers tracks on here! The 012, The Sell Outs, Good Missionaries, and ATV! A classic DIY Rant Poem from 'The Undertaker', Hippie Punk from Blank Space and The Androids of Mu, an Ironic DIY punk classic from the Horrible Nurds, DIY prog excerpts from Anthrax for the people with their concept album "The Grand Union Canal Mystery", the list of greatness goes on; all this and an unknown girl and an unknown band too!
You may recognise a few tracks from that seminal vinyl ep, "The Weird Noise Ep", but this is where they appeared first, with superbly inferior third generation copy cassette hiss.
The insert lists an Instant Automatons excerpt, but I'm damned if I can identify it!
What we do have instead is three tracks from Anthrax for the People, and the Hearing aids, and The magnificent Door and the Window.
(Yes, the ATV track listed as "the Force is Blind" is in fact "Release  the Natives"; but that's all part of the charm innit?)

Track Listing:

a1 Opium for the people - An Unknown Girl
a2 Fish from Tahiti - The 012
a3 Dynamite - Danny and the Dressmakers
a4 Lennon's supermarket Tango - Danny and the Dressmakers
a5 The living Dead no 5 - The Understander
a6 Lets all sign to Virgin records - The Horrible Nurds
a7 - a9 Excerpts from the Grand Canal Mystery - Anthrax for the People.
a10 Little Green Pills - Blank Space
a11 Release The Natives - Alternative TV
a12 Mystery Reggae - Unknown Band
b1  Mystery reggae part 2 - Unknown Band
b2 The Good Missionary goes for a Piss - the Good Missionaries
b3 Kif Kif's Magic Hat - Danny and the Dressmakers
b4 Welcome to tape 3 (part one) - Danny and the Dressmakers
b5 Welcome to tape Three (part two) - Danny and the Dressmakers
b6 Money - The Sell Outs
b7 Random 5 Minute excerpt(from all I can hear is people talking) - The Hearing Aids
b8 The Wurst Band - The Door and the Window
b9 God puts a stop to the silver paper eating monster - Danny and the Dressmakers
b10 Hey Ho Hey Ho ,my Cholesterol Levels are Low
b11 The Truth about Unemployment - Danny and the Dressmakers
b12 Fast car - the Androids of Mu

DOWNLOAD this weird sampler HERE!
Weirdly, you can also download it HERE!

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Andy Broome said...

I think you'll find the Instant Automatons excerpt runs before Door And The Window, another track list error. Notice the track lengths, Wurst Band clearly starts halfway through your edit. A great post that's much appreciated. Thank You.