Monday, 9 December 2013

Amos and Sara - " Invite To Endless Latino " (It's War Boys, £10) 1983

This is Fantastic!...Why has this never been released on CD?......i'm glad it hasn't ,'cus the hideous silver disc is quite possibly the worse invention/scam for music storage ever. Hail the humble cassette, the perfect vehicle for the mighty Amos and Sara.
Easy Listening was never like this,(although i am a huge fan of Easy) with its 'on medication' Latin vibe, Bossa Nova for day centre disco's, and Samba's for schizophrenic's in remission.
Quite superbly anti-commercial, in a 'no sell out' kind of way; definately something one cannot accuse any Homosexual (the Band) of, and remember most of them played the Roxy in '77! (as the Rejects). This is Good.

Track listing:

Mr. Sinista

Bossa Kings Of Rhumba

Horrible Echo In Space

Urge To Cha-Cha

That's Him All Over

Pain Mambo

The Snake

Private World Of A Private Eye

The Westerners

Insomnia Samba
B6    Unknown Track
B7    Unknown Track

DOWNLOAD This Endless Latino HERE!


ROOKSBY said...

You're right, of course... Some day, in the not-too-distant-future, this tape'll be reissued on overpriced 180g vinyl & ghastly bearded hipsters will be falling over each other in Rough Trade to proclaim that THEY HEARD IT FIRST.

I'm dreading the inevitable (I fear) 2-page It's War, Boys write-up in The Guardian Culture Section, 3 years hence... but I suspect it's unavoidable. Sob.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Y'know, I'm not sure that this hasn't already happened!?
I shudder to think of all those state sponsored middle management employees and financial advisers, chatting about The Just Measurers over the breakfast table of a morning.There's too many people out there who listen to stuff like they have never really listened to it. Its War Boys appreciators do NOT read the Gaurdian(sic)!

ROOKSBY said...

Twats in Vic Serf t-shirts (£30 in Rough Trade East) parading up & down Shoreditch High Street... the stuff of nightmares!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Come friendly Al Quaeda inspired terrorists, and nuke Surbiton.
SHIT, I forgot about the NSA!
I must have typed at least four Alert keywords just then.
I'll expect all my e-mails to be scanned by GCHQ.......if so they can read these keywords...FUCK OFF YOU NAZI DRONES AND DIE!
They probably wear Vic Serf T-shirts under their suits, the fucking cunts.

Stu said...

Normally I download things from here, see if I can listen to it, listen to the whole thing if it's decent, then delete it. This album is a masterpiece. Listened to it at work all day. Miserable mid-winter minimum-wage shit becomes great fun with this. They should play it over the speaker in Mike Ashley's place, then he could cut wages by 90% and everyone would still turn up. They'd dance all day but they'd turn up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this masterpiece!

Michael said...

Ha, great surprise,

that´s a nice one:-)
Thank you , Johnny,