Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Die or DIY? Christmas Mixtape 2013 - "Jesus Hates YOU! (21 reasons why God CANNOT exist)"

"What would we do without Christians?", I hear you ask......well, probably not;but the answer is not simple, unlike their answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.Unfortunately that answer isn't 42,and nor is the answer to the first question;but, without these Intellectually lazy simpletons,there wouldn't be space on this planet for the huge human population that would be living today.Without Christians, there would have been no Holocaust, no ethnic cleansing of any kind,very few wars,and basically very little mindless slaughter in general! "But what about Hitler?", they say. "he was an Atheist."
Adolf was raised a strict catholic, referred to God many times in his rabid speeches,and never renounced his Catholicism at  any point in his notorious career. In fact, the endless Catholic propaganda against Jews for killing Christ was almost certainly a major motivational factor behind the final solution.....for Hitler anyway.
So that means there have been No,zero, Atheist Wars.
One thing that Christians do very well,apart from Bigotry mass murder and war, is DIY media.
The large majority of it is of course complete Shite, but a lot of it are extraordinary examples of often hilarious stupidity, sinister brainwashing attempts,and hysterical propaganda that Goebbels himself would be shocked by.
The Plastic surgery disaster that adorns the cover of this years xmas tape, is one Jan Crouch .TV evangelist and thief, who misappropriated church funds to spend on a lavish lifestyle. Items of expenditure included expensive homes, private jets, and a $100,000 air conditioned mobile home solely for Jan Crouch's dogs.
The track featuring here will leave you open mouthed in astonishment as she relays one of her fucked up dreams where she met Jesus and rediscovered her 'Joy'.Section 8 stuff.
The most outrageous and borderline upsetting material presented here, is by some despicable scumbag called Lil' Markie. Who is some bible belt Goebbels who trys to get our kids by pretending to be a kid talking about such righteous subjects as Alcoholism, and er...Abortion? This complete bastard, talks through a pitch changer to sound like a child (a hideous little creep that you wanna hit), belching out evil christian propaganda for the ears and minds of the innocent.
Probably the most contemptuous piece of naked evil ever committed to the recorded medium is the 'Pro-Life' inspired "Diary of an Unborn Child".
This electric shock therapy of a mind control experiment, charts the life of a gestating Foetus up to the point where he is aborted. Recited with that awful pitch shifted voice of a small boy, he describes all the wonderful things that are happening to him as he grows in his mothers womb.Ending with the endearing nursery rhyme refrain of "Why did you kill me mommy?". I would happily break number six of the ten commandments if I ran into this total cunt. Jesus,please save us from your followers!
In the category of a cult that should be sectioned en mass, is Church Universal and Triumphant, and their (now thankfully very Dead) high priestess Elizabeth Clare Prophet.Their church must have padded walls; just listen to the "Invocation for judgement against and destruction of rock music", and marvel at the fact that these people are NOT on drugs.
Alas, they do have on thing in common with this blog, they have compiled a comprehensive list of Rock Stars who should burn in hell that we can all agree with.Its just a pity that there ain't no Hell so that these religious nut jobs can't spend the rest of eternity there in the company of Cindy Looper (sic) and the Alan Parsons Project!!!?

Another complete Twat is some cloth eared god squad DJ called Michael Mills. Who spent hours on end playing Rock albums backwards......yes, backwards!....to find hidden 'satanic' messages, like "Turn me on Dead Man" from the Beatles Revolution Number  9. Obviously a reference to Satan?........er No,its number nine played backwards!
Queen bigged up the devil by masking the phrase, "Some of us smoke marijuana" in 'Another One Bites the Dust"!? What the fuck that has to do with Satanism I don't fucking know. It goes on, Led Zep sings, "I know I've Been There"...???.....know what?Been Where?.....this prat needs to go to the padded Church Universal and Triumphant....and fucking stay there!
The most sinister part of this tape is the thinly veiled attempts to penetrate the forming minds of children. Admittedly the minds of Christian children,but nevertheless its brain washing of the most despicable kind.
A favourite tactic is to use puppets, or ventriloquist dummies to appeal to the vulnerable innocence of children trapped in a religious prison...I mean Home? Child abuse by any other name, but acceptable if its in the name of a God.
This is represented here by the prolific Little Marcy and Little Cindy.
One track advocates the joys of "Obedience". Which is advisable for Christian kids, because the bible advocates Stoning to death as punishment for children who disrespect their parents.Among other fine God advocated recommendations like gang rape,infanticide, genocide,and Incest.(Check it out Christians,read your Bible.)
And don't worship "Other Gods" or you'll be in serious trouble,like the Golden calf incident; when God told Moses to kill as many of these traitors as possible.
Anyway, you mean to say that there are 'Other' Gods?....I thought God said he was the only god and he created the universe in eight days? What did the 'other' Gods do? Or is he lying? I'm confused!? In fact what did the God from the bible do before he created the Universe?
This is the kind of insidious Mind Control that is prevalent in Cults of all denominations. In fact I leave near one here in France.This one though isn't Christian, its Buddhist,which is openly based on mind control.A popular phrase that is often used in these detention centres for the dysfunctional, is ominously, "Leave shoes and minds at the door". The teachers always say the most sinister things with that subtle touch of humour.....ha!ha!haaa!
This place is run by a serial fat sex pest called Sogyal Rinproche, writer of "The Tibetian Book of Living and Dying". Frequently seen prowling his compound built by unpaid slaves,(including, i'm ashamed to say, me!...they didn't pay me!) surrounded by an entourage of young impressionable women,looking for .....I think I'm gonna be sick...."Guidance". Why this fat cunt hasn't been imprisoned I'll never know......wait I do know....he's a multi-millionaire (very buddhist), and he's a religious leader....they can do anything they want.
But isn't Buddhism a philosophy, NOT a religion?....they often say, despite often being witnessed praying to a big Gold Statue.
If its a Godless Philosophy there's nothing in the way of arresting  this overweight sex monster today.
And don't forget Buddhist invented Suicide Bombing,firstly as the Kamikazi Buddhist sect in WW2, then in the Sri Lankan civil war. Who said Buddhists don't fight wars?

Its not all shit on this tape, there a couple of pleasantly funky numbers, and a track by a johnny come lately Garage Punk Band called Our Generation from 1972. its another cynical tactic used by the church to reach the young people.Fine in theory, but they were always six or seven years too late with the trend. releasing an album of psychedelic acid rock in the Glam Era was not gonna reach anybody, apart from the preppy dorks who were already going to these medeval museums.
The track "Hello friends" sounds like PiL mark one crossbred with the Electric Prunes.A jah Wobble Bassline,fuzz guitar , and sunshine pop vocal harmonies.Something that could only be created by someone who were locked up in a cupboard for a decade, or some Christians.

(Note -One cannot help noticing that the vast majority ,er 100%,of this compilation features Americans! This is because Britain,and Europe had the foresight to kick out all the dodgy God Squad and send them packing to the New World to find 'Religious freedom'? They found this freedom,so they could repress themselves instead of being 'repressed' by the powers in the old countries.Sowing the roots of the American Taliban that we know and love today! 
Australia were lucky enough to have just got the convicts,so were spared this fate worse than the bible belts version of Hell!)

Anyway, have a happy Midwinter Festival, and I hope you enjoy spoiling your xmas dinner with the utterly mindless crap on this compilation.

Some extra xmas listening:
"God is NOT Great" by Christopher Hitchens (excellent philosophical deconstrution of the bible and religion in Audiobook form) DOWNLOAD HERE!
and its Scientific counterpart, "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins DOWNLOAD HERE!


Death May Be Your Christmas Gift - Unknown creepy Vicar
2  Happy Birthday Jesus - Little cindy
3  Story Of An Alcoholic Father... "Something's Happened To Daddy" - Lil' Markie
4  Hello Friends - Our Generation
5  Invocation for judgement against and destruction of rock music- Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc. featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet
6  Hidden & Satanic Messages In Rock Music- Michael Mills
7  Satan Is Real - The Louvin Brothers
8  666 - Ray Torske
9  Jesus Jesus Rock of Ages - Danny Lee and The Children of Truth
10 I'm a Mormon - Janeen Brady & The Brite Singers
11 I'm Proud to be a Jew - To See The World Through Jewish Eyes
12 Obedience - Christine Wyrtzen
13 Sleep Guidence - The Rosicrucian Temple
14 No More Tears - Jan Crouch
15 Jesus Is Beautiful - Young and free
16 Jesus Keeps Takin' Me Higher and Higher - Madeline Manning
17 Jesus L:oves - Gods kids
18 It's Contagious/What's God Like?/I Can See God/God Doesn't See Us Through The Flowers - His kids
19 The Marriage Union (for teen-agers) - The Christophers
20 Diary Of An Unborn Child - Lil' Markie
21 Am I in Heaven? - Little Marcy

DOWNLOAD some christmas hate HERE!


bill said...

Strike a light!

Have a peaceful midwinter holiday Mr Z. Keep up the good work.

Pisŧöff said...
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Pisŧöff said...

What fun.We'll be singing along around the smoldering remains of the false prophet burnt in effigy. Check out our tribute to frauds scammers and hypocrites here: http://www.squidoo.com/frauds-scammers-and-hypocrites

Jonny Zchivago said...

Only got fucking well cut off over xmas didn't I? So my boxing day post of the boxing day gig by Pil in 1978 never got posted! I will right this wrong asap!
Thank you Bill, and I reciprocate these sentiments.

Pawel said...

Please do not destroy this blog with your anti-religious propaganda and keep it for yourself.

Pisŧöff said...

Destroy everything

Jonny Zchivago said...

As opposed to Religious Propaganda?
Maybe I should keep all these downloads to myself as well?
Feel free not to read my "Propaganda",or visit my blog if it offends thee!?
Jeeeezus! save me from your followers!

Jonny Zchivago said...

PS, another Christians are shit at as well as being "on trend" for music, is a Sense of Humour.

Vote4cake said...

I love this post.

Jonny Zchivago said...

......And Jesus probably almost definitely doesn't Love You......but we do.

Vote4cake said...

Ha, thank youuu.
Ay, I'm gonna email you cause I have a question.. . . .. .. .. . .

Anonymous said...

Shit, thank you so much for those books!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yep, between them,those two books cover all aspects about why there is no God,scientific and philosophically.

C B said...

That crazy lady with the pink hair, Jan Crouch, lived in my neighborhood growing up. At Xmas, she and her husband Paul Crouch would have laborers put a massive manger scene out on the lawn with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus all life-sized, made out of vacuum formed plastic with lights inside to illuminate the street at night. I often saw Paul at the supermarket with perfectly coaffed platinum hair, a powder blue suit, a nice Rolex, and manicured nails. Supposedly, they lived separate lives, but purchased the house next door so that Paul's, er, personal bodyguard was close at hand. Yep, all while preaching the Bible's good word and living lavishly.

C B said...

And you have a great blog! First time commenter.

harmon said...

Track 1: "Death May Be Your Christmas Gift - Unknown creepy Vicar"
Did you mean: Rev A. W. Nix Vol. 1 1927-1928 "Death May Be Your Christmas Gift" ?

Loomitor said...

What refreshingly blasphemous words to read on the sabbath today! I appreciate the suggestion to this old gem of a post!

Mr. P said...

Carry on! Amazing rant. Love the addition of the books.

Anonymous said...

This is the cringiest, most r/atheism shit i've ever read. It's honest to god astounding how much of a douchebag you are. It's amazing how the only people who share rare music are complete and utter fucking tools.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ha Ha Ha!...are you serious? if you're not, very funny. If you are, you're weird distortion of christianity and subsequent opinions mean nothing to me.
You have shown yourself up to be Stupid enough to be taken in by whatever childhood brainwashing you received....but yes, i am a douchebag....but at least i'm not a deluded stupid christian douchebag.
Go ask forgiveness you fool..see you, or rather, won't see you in the eternal darkness of oblivion.
Jesus save us from your followers!?