Monday, 9 December 2013

Milk From Cheltenham - " Triptych Of Poisoners " (Its War Boys ,£3) 1983

The next Its War Boys release (£3),is a re-up,from Lepke Buchwater's Milk From Cheltenham;every inch a classic.Sounds very similar to any L.Voag releases.Something akin to a kind of a musical equivalent to channel hopping, lurching,chopping and changing, stream of consciousness editing, heavy use of the oblique strategies cards; all in the glorious lo-fidelity of 1979-81 cassette technology.The musique concréte of squatland.
There were three different editions of this release. Red, blue and black vinyl were pressed. Various inserts were also enclosed, although it was pot luck what ones you got. Each sleeve is unique, with a silk screened front cover and a back cover which comprises of a cut and paste design, again, each copy is different. The later pressing on black vinyl has a silk screened back cover and the pressing is far superior to the blue or red versions. There was a delay of 2 years in getting the LP out as the sleeves took so long to produce!
Give the sample track (08) a listen, then download this classic of the genre below:

01 The Man Who Cried 2:20
02 Where Is The Money To Come From? 0:56
03 Mr. Fridge 1:38
04 International Questionnaire 0:42
05 What About Air War 2:15
06 Do The Ready Can 2:07
07 Decisions 0:57
08 Snappy Fingers 2:44
09 The Plan Must Rule 1:12
10 El Toro Saldrà Cuando Suena El Clarin 6:40
11 Our Dictator 1:08
12 Invitation To Action 2:56
13 Das Elefantenkalb 4:01
14 Air - Sound - Light 1:36
15 Passport To Happiness! 1:56
16 Triptych Of Poisoners 2:18
17 Krazy Golf 2:10
18 Can A Vacuum Cleaner Really Work Quietly? 0:50
19 The Geek 3:39

Download this Triptych of Poisoners HERE!

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steven edward streight said...

I bought "The Way Out" album by L. Voag around the time I was collecting music by The Homosexuals. This was at Wax Trax record store in Chicago, around 1978. There was a note inside the album with an address for P.T. Delka.

I wrote to them and started a long mail correspondence. I started collecting It's War Boys material, which my friend Bennett Theissen and I loved.

Milk From Cheltenham was one of the albums. I've lost track of this, The Fear Merchants, Amos and Sarah, and so many of the other records, but now I have this again!