Sunday, 15 December 2013

Various - " Folk In Hell :Alternative Rubbish from West London " (Fuck Off Records FO 008) 1981

Another Fuck Off Reckords Tape compilation,featuring more from the usual suspects......Mark P., Androids of Mu, Instant Automatons etc.....
Up to the normal standards of F.O. reckords; take that whatever way you want, but in my opinion these standards are peerless in the history of the recording industry.

Track listing:

A Pencil - The Advertiser
Instant Automatons – Gillian is Normal
No Comment – think
Mob – slayed
Astronauts – behave
Androids of Mu– cityscape
Steve Lake – dancin
Eduardo Brylcreme – my gal
Murphy Fed – green apples
Mark Perry – take it easy
Sir Alias – A is for artist
Tasmin Smythe – beat
Working Men – Owd yowe
Here & Now – nudge up
Mic Woods – dreaming
Blue Midnight – infidelity
Impossible Dreamers – I woke

DOWNLOAD some folk from hell HERE!

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