Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Television Personalities - " Where's Bill Grundy Now? e.p." (Kings Road records 1978)

This is the ep that defined a sound, and could possibly be the seed that started the primaeval soup that lead to ...gulp....indie!!
Featuring one of the greatest songs ever written...."Part-time Punks"... this was a template for a legion of similar groops to follow. The attitude is spot on, and again more punk than punk in its approach.The second single by Television Personalities, first issued in 1978 on their own King's Road Records and reissued the following year by Rough Trade which reproduced the final picture sleeve (the last of four) designed by the band for their original release.This is the real deal, if you ain’t heard it,first feel shame,then download it.

A1: Part-Time Punks
A2: Where's Bill Grundy Now?
B1: Happy Families
B2: Posing At The Roundhouse

Find Bill Grundy HERE!

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Can you post some Tronic's (by Zarjaz) records ?