Friday, 6 December 2013

Androids Of Mu - "Fuck Off Demo Tape" (Fuck Off Records DROIDS1) 1979

And The Androids of Mu début tape for Fuck Off Records.This is better than the album by a country mile.
Recorded at Street Level, Bristol Gardens 19th August 1979.
Bess- bass, vocals Clare - piano, vocals Corina - guitar, vocals Cosmic - synth, bass
tambourine, vocals Sooz - vocals Steffy - drums, sound Zana - flute, vocals
Niki - sax, voice of god

Side 1:
1. fast cars
2. everytime I feel
3. pretty nun
4. android reggae jam

Side 2:
1. reggae
2. space for fly freaks

DOWNLOAD this Fuck Off Demo Tape HERE!
Mediafire it HERE!


Anonymous said...

Hey great blog you have here..any chance for a re-up of this gem? FU was one of the most supreme music 'labels' ever.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Many thanks and I agree.
Now re-upped fpr youe enjoyment.I really must get round to editing it as well.Laters eh?

Howlin' said...

Thanks for this. After years of listening to the album, it's great to finally hear theses great demos.