Monday 9 December 2013

Narky Brillans - " Goes Into Orbo " (It's War Boys! Cassette, £13) 1981

More looney tunes from the Homosexuals collective, this time by Narky Brillans, who created this unhinged sound collage back in 1981,again on cassette(£13 is the catalogue number not the price by the way). Brillans was a central member of that collective and this cracked 1981 side is the perfect distillation of the UK DIY aesthetic, with a series of songs, instrumentals and sound works that combine the subterranean rock style of Swell Maps with home-recorded rants, punk-pop instants, outer space drones and doomy synth. Don't know what the personnel was on this recording,but i can sense the presence of Jim Whelton, L Voag ,lurking somewhere in the background of this murky DIY concréte classic. Its very L.Voag in places, and has certain echos of the Gus Coma cassette(soon to be posted on this site). These are the sound experiments that Stephen Stapleton allegedly heard to inspire his Nurse With Wound project.

Track Listing:

Worship Worship U.S.A.

On This Side Of The Tracks

Fashist Tea Party

Atom Making Bomb

Falling Hole Into

We Got U.S. Dollars

Go into Orbo with Narky via Mediafire HERE! (now reposted in new remastered and fully track edited a better here!)

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