Monday, 9 December 2013

Amos and Sara - " Sara Goes Pop " (It's War Boys, £4) 1982

Its War Boys! £4;and Jim Whelton, L. Voag , or Amos of the Homosexuals, teamed up with Sara in 1981, to make his most acessable music yet with this aptly named double seven inch release ,Sara goes Pop. Think the Raincoats, but good, and you get the idea of what it sounds like.
"Sexy Terrorist" is a bona fide alt-pop classic.

Music by: Sara - singing, drumming, bassing, horning, Ron Dealo - guitar, Spoonface Leroy - trapset, Amos - bass. Special Guests: Stephanie - singing, Saadi Ottoman - ideas, Paul - enthusiast, King Kobra - dynamic producing.
Disc 1 is orange vinyl, and disc 2 is yellow vinyl.

Side 1
1- Arab O Habab of Arabia
2- My Pal The Crook
3- Lulu on the Rock
4- In Walked Lance
Side 2
1- Fleeced
2- Muslim Computer
3- Sexy Terrorist
4- I'm an Actress.

DOWNLOAD These Sexy Terrorists HERE!


Stu said...

Thank you muchly. Have you got the one with Hernando's Hideaway on it?

Dave P said...

That's the Tesco Bombers. They're about somewhere.

".. the Raincoats, but good"??? Now that's pretty unforgivable.

Your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to track down the quite different cassette version. Nobody's posted it, ever, to my knowledge.

Fleeced's my #1. Now that IS a sure-fire pop hit, surely?? But Sexy's great too, Lance & Lulu too.