Sunday, 8 December 2013

Various Artists - "MAGNITIZDAT - The Least Worst Of Deleted Records" (Deleted Records DEC 002) 1980

Classic Lo-Fi to no-fi bedroom fumblings from the great unwashed of the Deleted Records world. There's ,obviously, various Automatons' side projects scattered liberally throughout, amongst what I can only describe as even more Instant Automatons side projects. In fact I suspect that all the groups on this compilation are in fact various combinations of Protag and Mark Automaton. But that is no bad thing, 'cus no-one masters muffled cassette weirdness better than our favourite anti-hero's.
In case you dunno what this will sound like, think Maplin self build synthesizers, junk shop guitars, secondhand organ beat boxes, and cheap radio shack effects units; all sounding like a detuned short wave radio in a box of cotton wool. Great stuff, that retains a much missed allure of mystery.

Track Listing:

The Awful Truth - Final Statement
Rene Alberto & The Balsams - Lorraine In Spain
The Managing Directors - Revolution
Merz - Rat Killer
Effigy - Effigy
Threshold - Emma
The Mick Davies Band - Eight Miles High
Afterburn - Malignant Growth
The Dismals - Disgrace
Rotting Harry & The Midden - Train Now Standing
Running Sores - Rickshaw Boy
The Bores - Gm Rising
The Instant Automatons - No Identifiable Sign Of Life
The Bores - Confessions
Big Band - Hey Hey It's Rock And Roll
Complex Wasteland - Dreams That Money Can Buy
391 - Brains Under Glass
Dead Heat - Crab
Headphones - D.I.

DOWNLOAD the least worst of deleted records HERE!

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Jonny Zchivago said...

Mark Automaton said...

Yes - the truth can now be revealed: all the tracks on this cassette were performed by various combinations of Protag, Drum Machine and me - with the notable exception of The Mick Davies Band, who was (unsurprisingly) Psychedelic Mick Davies in the flesh.
2 April 2013 23:32
Jonny Zchivago said...

Ahaaa,rumbled.Although, if the Mick Davies Band didn't contain anyone called Mick Davies, it would have been one of the best made up band names on there. Competing with Rene Alberto and the Balsams.
3 April 2013 17:01