Monday, 9 December 2013

Amos and Sara - " Go Home Soldier " (Its War Boys, £9) 1983

£7 don't exist to my knowledge, and £8 was an unreleased recording called "Dull Thud Beet" by the Klak Klak Moguls.(I bet thats a great album!)
But,£9 was a12inch single by Amos and Sara with a thinly disguised anti-war theme. I'd completely forgotten that I had bought this when it was released; 'cus as I didn't like it,it was erased from my memory,until rediscovering it for these 'Its War Boys' posts.
God knows why I didn't take to this disjointed indie disco number,with a hint of 'Return of the Giant Slits' era Slits. I can only think that it sounded too 'Hip' for me, a bit 'pinko disko', y'know ,like Pig Bag and Maximum Joy, annoyingly right on sounding,and worse still, eminantly skankable for any white rasta's hanging at the alternative discotheque. This vomit worthy image is further engraved on my anterior lobe by the annoying Dub version that follows it on side one; and side two, well, just don't go there.
Although i sorta like it now, its probably the shittest thing any Homosexual has done; but thats still better than ANYTHING anyone from U2 has done....ever....or will!

Amos and Sara is Sara Fancy - Amos De'ath - Christopher Greyt. Guest artists Jan Hill accordian, Martin Fredericks baritone and percussian. Recordsed at Surrey Sounds, mixed at Berry Street. Produced by Martin, horns added on tape by Lepke. Cover designed by Sara.

Track Listing:

Go Home Soldier

Enough Is Enough

Surveillance O.H.M.S.

DOWNLOAD Go Home Soldier HERE!

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