Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mecanique Végétale - " Musique pour Self-Service " - ( Grafika Airlines – GRA 8 ) 1981

Released on the rather marvelous Grafika Airlines cassette label from.....Belgium; this is an outstanding creation of epicly hypnotique, minimally electronique proportions. Reminds one greatly of the equally superb Sea Of Wires, from around the same era. Most likely they used the exact same budget synths, made to sound even lower budget by the splendid medium of ferric oxide cassette tape.
So, get in your home made flotation tank and regress to the analogue beauty of "Musique Pour Self-Service".( whether that alludes to some sort of masturbatory accompaniment I do not know? Its up to you.)

Track Listing:

A1 Intetatia 3:02
A2 Ne Cherchez Plus Le... 3:49
A3 Sorry For The Sound 3:31
A4 Ballade Mystique 4:34
A5 Chasse Gardée 4:18
A6 Choeurs De L'Abbaye 4:42
A7 Vue Sur La Mer 1:59
A8 Qui A Tué L'Eucharistie? 2:55
A9 Sanctuaire Primitiff 1:56
B1 La Sirène De Biarritz 3:00
B2 Il Était Une Fois Dans L'est 3:46
B3 La Décadence Du Chasseur 2:50
B4 Saignements Ordinaires 1:48
B5 Non Retour 3:06
B6 La Danse Du Lièvre 2:27
B7 La Solitude Du Piège 3:40
B8 Brouillard Diabolique 6:18
B9 Résurgence 3:45

DOWNLOAD by self-service HERE!


Holly said...

I feel a little woozy... but thank you! :-)

Unknown said...

jonny i think i found a dead one. could you be so kind?

Jonny Zchivago said...

ok,you're right,its gone somewhere...will re-up it later