Monday, 9 December 2013

The Fear Merchants - " Mental " (It's War Boys, £18) 1981

Amos and Sara by any other name; The Fear Merchants is,again, Amos backed up by various unamed individuals, plus the mysterious Sara on Vocals. Amos plays the role of a, probably ,ex-nazi extermination camp doctor, come psychiatrist; hamming it up ,like Larry Olivier in the Marathon Man on nitrous-oxide, between tracks on various themes of mental illness....hence the title of the album:"Mental". If you played this to your mum she would probably think you or the band were indeed, Mental!
There is no track insert with this C-30 cassette, so dunno what the tracks are called, but from what i can make out, "U-Boat Kapitan" and "Schizoid Personality" are the stand out numbers.(trk 7 & 12).
It seems to have enough logic for this to be a soundtrck to a very off-west end musical production about mental health........i'd go and see it anyway!

(nb. There are two cassettes between £13 and £17 that weren't released, (£15) "Skim Nomrod and the Corolettes -"Copydex Wonderland", and the excelently titled,Ron Dealo - "The Punishing Strings of Ron Dealo"(£16). Does anyone out there have access to any of these?)



ROOKSBY said...

Triv: "The Fear Merchants" was the title of an old episode of The Avengers (Emma Peel-era).

Jonny Zchivago said...

Mmmm, yes I think I recall this episode.
I also have a vague recollection that it is also the title of a Movie.Probably starring Dirk Bogarde? I could google it i suppose, but, hey, lifes too short, and i like to speculate.