Sunday, 15 December 2013

Various - " Love Not Devotion " ( Fuck Off Records FLP002 / DELP 001) 1982

This time its a joint Fuck Off / Deleted Records release.
Featuring The almost 'funky' Blue Midnight, and The Hamburger All Stars , who have amongst their members, Anno, Mark and Dennis from Alternative TV. Steffy from Here And Now, Justin Adams from Impossible Dreamers and Grant Showbiz himself.
Then Protag and Mark automaton get 6 tracks for the Instant Automatons on behalf of deleted records.
How can you argue against a line up like that?

Track listing:

Blue Midnight - Quarter To Blue
Blue Midnight - Fireplace
Blue Midnight - Joy!
Blue Midnight - Crazy
Blue Midnight - Hot And Cold

Hamburger All-Stars - I Woke Up
Hamburger All-Stars - Swinging London Pt. 1
Hamburger All-Stars - Studded Leather Jacket
Hamburger All-Stars - My Life Is In A Mess
Hamburger All-Stars - Swinging London Pt.2
The Instant Automatons - Worcester Avenue
The Instant Automatons - Catacomb
The Instant Automatons - Too Big!
The Instant Automatons - Violence
The Instant Automatons - Drunk In Woolwich
The Instant Automatons - Short Haired Man



rex said...

offline again!
found individual cuts elsewhere,
but thought you'd like to know.....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Rex, just re-ripped it in 320K, so will be reupping, and reposting it tonight.
Divshare died years ago i think?