Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Door and the Window - " Permanent Transience " (NB Records NB2) Tape,1979

Simply had to make this available to a slightly wider audience on this indifferent rock we call "earth".
What we have here is an even rougher, ramshackled version of Detailed Twang, less "song" orientated, and improvised. This hissy monolith,neigh, rosetta stone of DIY sounds like it was recorded using a cheap microphone pressed against a glass against a wall from an adjoining room; as if we are evesdropping on some nutters next door playing with their unaware musician friends equipment whilest he was out.
Its sort of live too,and we get another classic ,even more wobbley ,version of "He Feels Like A Doris".And the version of "subculture Fashion Slaves sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box, wot more can a young person want?.....eh?
Classic C-60 cassette sounds that i am sure will become the mode again in the very near future,or so help me god.
Thanks Lord Bendle.

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