Friday, 13 December 2013

The Residents - "Baby Sex" (unreleased tape) 1971

(This was the last post on Die or DIY? 1 before they deleted/suppressed it.Maybe this upset somebody in the 'Rock' Glitterati , or some Record company Paedo, or a procurer of schoolgirls for corporation executives who moonlights with the DCMA?)
Well you can't get away with this these days,unless you're called Jimmy Saville,Gary Glitter,Rolf Harris,Ken from Coronation Street,Freddie Star.....the list continues to grow. 
In the light of that hideous prick from the Lost Prophets(an arrestable offence if ever there was one in any case?) being convicted for the attempted rape of a baby???????I was reminded of this Residents bootleg that has been sleeping on my computer for years.No,it doesn't glorify  paedophilia(I hope!), but it is interesting to hear the nascent Residents in very home DIY mode,revealing their influences openly. The original sleeve has been censored to avoid me being arrested,and my blog deleted,and replaced with a much improved version of the Led Zep II cover. (A version of Whole Lotta Love can be found on track 2.) Which is very appropriate as one Jimmy Page was well publicized as 'running off' with a 14 year old girl in the 70's. Why hasn't he been arrested? Dunno where to start with Bill Wyman!
In fact I am sure the majority of 'Rock Stars' (brown stars) of the 60's,70's, were almost certainly guilty of historic cases of statutory rape.Even more upsetting,because of his place in my musical adolescence, John Peel, openly recounted his affair with an underage girl in his biography; and also used to joke about not having sex 'anymore' with schoolgirls live on air!!!! This occurs on one of the many tapes I have of his broadcasts;needless to say I was shocked when i recently relistened to this show!
In the 80's I remember some 14 year old girls I knew of (not intimately I may add forcefully!) who 'bragged'(?) about having sex with fully grown men Simon Le Bon and John Taylor, of the lamentable Duran Duran. Please Operation Yewtree, save us from these evil predators and their awful pied piper style musick!
But, this has nothing to do with The legendary Residents, and this very interesting ,but flawed tape of their early development into one of thee most original groups of musicians ever!


We Stole This Riff 3:00
Holelottadick 1:59
Baby Sex 1:34
Deep Sea Diver Song 4:09
King Kong 3:16
Cantaten To Der Dyin Prunen 6:06
Something Devilish 4:29
The Fourth Crucifixion 4:05

Hallowed Be Thy Wean - 1971 (8:56)

Eat Me Mother


For Doorknob

Kamikazi Lady  

Notes All recordings from August to November 1971."Baby Sex is another experimental reel-to-reel tape which has never been release (in its entirely) in any form. Portions of this 37 minute album were recorded live at the Boarding House in San Francisco on October 18, 1971, and also at radio station KHSC-FM (Arcata, California) during a live interview. The shocking and herewith censored front cover illustration for the tape box was taken from a kiddie-porn advertisement from Denmark; the back design is pictured here.Kamikazi Lady was released on the Residue album, the Hell CD, and was also included with the instrumental track King Kong on The Residents Radio Special cassette; Eloise was included on the Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats? soundtrack LP, and on The Eyeball Show live album. The complete Baby Sex tape was heard during the 1977 KBOO-FM Residents Festival" (note taken from The Cryptic Guide To The Residents, compiled and edited by Dave Warden in 1986).Track A1: riff borrowed to Tim Buckley's song Down By The Borderline,Track A2: parody of Led Zeppelin's song Whole Lotta Love,Track A5: written by Frank Zappa, Tracks B1 and B2: live at The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA (October 18, 1971). The full recording of this show was at last released in 1991 in Daydream B Liver CD (UWEB),Tracks B3, parts A to E: live in studio KHSC-FM, Arcata, CA (October 30, 1971). The full recording of this show was at last released in 1997 in Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses 4xCD box set (Euro Ralph).

DOWNLOAD a very dodgily titled tape HERE

or Google Drive alternative dodgy-ness HERE!


bill said...

Yeah! 'Specially good to see this one back. JZ you're on fire!!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Who's next for Operation Yewtree?
We've had Rolf Harris....Keith Harris maybe? He has been blatantly fisting Orville for nigh on thirty years!
And nobody said anything?!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear this but it looks as if only Hallowed Be Thy Wean is available! Is there any chance you could re-up the whole thing again?!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I dunno how this happened. I suspect censorship due to the title of the cassette? So i'm reupping to Mega.NZ, cus they don't seem to bother with that shit. And its encrypted, so i hope your browsers can cope!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for re-upping!

I swoon in your general direction.

Jonny Zchivago said...

feel free to swoon;we need upstanding citizens like you to point out these grave injustices perpetrated by persons unknown (the fucking illuminatti, for the need of a better word).
i in turn thank you for your vigilance and good taste.