Sunday, 29 December 2013

Mauthausen Orchestra - "2nd Movement" - (Aquilifer Sodality 1AE) 1983

One of Maurizio Bianchi (MB)'s colleagues in the same field of sado-fascism obsessed industrial noise, charmingly named after the Mauthausen forced labour camp. This is far from another gay romp with Adolf and Eva at  Bertesgarten, and is nothing like listening to the sound of the slow death of slavery.What the noise on this C-60 invokes is more like the electronic soundtrack of  some reality TV version of the Vietnam War. We got approaching attack Helicopters, Napalm airstrikes, burning vegetation, the rumble of B-52's. This could be the Industrial 'Apocalypse Now'.

Track Listing: 

Side A : Untitled 1 (30:01)
Side B : Untitled 2 (26:05)

DOWNLOAD 2nd movement HERE!

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