Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Various Artists – "Songs From Pigland" (Bull's Hit Records ‎– EJSP 9548) 1981

Was gonna Post an Amon Duul lp, but its too fucking awful for words; and a thick dick with the sense of humour of  a brick pissed me off, so lets go back to some well-proper good music eh? Here's a DIY classic comp from the UK's west country, mainly around Swindon, where you get that 'Ooh Arh' kinda farmers accent; hence the Title of the record, "Songs From Pigland". Swindon's most famous pop group were the magnificent XTC, and most of these groups make them sound like a Mozart Symphony. Like the various band members had just recorded immediately after swilling out the Pigs, pig shit still on their fingers, dulling the guitar strings with filth, Drunk on cider. Sounds like a recipe for greatness in this bloggers childishly written pamphlet on "The A-z of How to avoid being a Twat of a Rock star". This is up there with the Great UK DIY regional compilations, like "Where the Hell is Leicester", "Vaultage 78", and "Hicks From the Stix", to name but a few. Especially dig The Padlocks, and Dicky and the Tinklers; but I'm sure you'll find your own personal favourites, 'cus nearly every tracks a winner.I say nearly, because of the version of "Yakkety Yak",which is a song I hate a lot.


A1 –Bodywork - The Librarian
A2 –The Model - Super Heroes
A3 –The Padlocks - Action Man
A4 –The Rayzors - Drugs Kill
A5 –Jon Perkins With Kaz Yaketty Yak
A6 –Mitchell's Grube - Lovin' An' Affection
A7 –The Cucumbers - Ambiguous Ambition
B1 –96 Tears - A Mansion Melody
B2 –Dicky And The Tinklers - The Bum Song
B3 –Ian Doeser And The Poseurs - Maximum Security
B4 –The Faded T-Shirts - Rock And Roll
B5 –The Drivers - No No / Barry's Pleasure
B6 –Gerry Hatrick Aand The Score Draws - Nonsense
B7 –Denture Cars - Sixties Revival 6359 (Part Three)
B8 –The Cucumbers - Pimply Girls

DOWNLOAD from pigland HERE! Now in nice shiny new 320k quality


Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi, yes indeed, there is a need, for an upgrade.
I can't believe there's only one comment on this after 8 years!
Tanx in advance.

tiln.org said...

It's possible that there are too many words needed to thank you for this, so...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks not needed...this is my civic duty....I've got a Swindon ep too!

Bacon Wrapped Bacon said...

Jibba jabba corncob pipe?

/][/ said...

Was going to say let's start a new band and name it Amon Duul III but somebody already did the deed. IV is open though it's not the same. Dull days for dickheads. Cry amon my shoulder sweet prince cess pool. Now give me my treat!

Jonny Zchivago said...

How about Sham 70?...with their new album 'Bat Out Of Hell 3'?

CS Geezer said...

Would love to be able to say "I recorded all my hits at Bull's Hit."

Anonymous said...

Just found this thread. I was the singer in The Padlocks, who were four 16 year old lads from Swindon. Loved going to the Bulls Hit studio in Manchester Road, just hanging out and jamming with whoever else happened to be there at the time. It was like open house 24/7. Brian (RIP) and Brendan Hamley ran the place; brilliant people, great memories.

Unknown said...

Just found this thread. I was the singer in The Padlocks, we were four 16 year old lads from Swindon. Loved hanging out in the Bulls Hit studio, jamming with whoever happened to be there at the time. It was like open house and run by Brian (RIP) and Brendan Hamley who were brilliant people. Great memories.

Jonny Zchivago said...

We are not worthy.....one of the great Padlocks is in da house.
You should be proud Unknown Padlock. How are the rest of the band going? This is in my top three local band compilations.Your tracks one of the best the bunch.Sorry to hear of Brians death,this Lp is a great legacy to leave behind. Cheers

Unknown said...

does anyone know anymore about jonathan perkins, he has this song called burning love and im trying to find any version of it other then what youtube has, its a clip from a movie full of screaming, theres a version of it on streaming but the mixing is terrible, all you hear is toms