Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Daniel Johnston - " Yip/Jump Music " (Self Released Cassette) 1983

Yip/Jump Music is the first album to feature Johnston on the chord organ. It was recorded in his brother's garage in Texas, somewhat of a promotion from Mom's basement.
Kurt Cobain listed this at number 35 in his top fifty albums; if that's a recommendation?
I know where he's coming from though,one much prefers the more ethereal quality of the organ over the plinky clunky of the piano in the preceding four albums.It seems to suit the atmosphere of the songs much better. Johnstons best so far.

Track Listing:

  1. Chord Organ Blues
  2. The Beatles
  3. Sorry Entertainer
  4. Speeding Motorcycle
  5. Casper The Friendly Ghost
  6. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances
  7. Danny Don't Rapp
  8. Sweetheart
  9. King Kong
  10. The Creature / Third Chair
  11. I Live For Love
  12. Almost Got Hit By A Truck
  13. Worried Shoes
  14. Dead Lover's Twisted Heart
  15. Rocket Ship
  16. God
  17. Love Defined (the Bible)
  18. Museum Of Love
  19. Rarely
  20. I Remember Painfully
DOWNLOAD some Yip/Jump Music HERE!


J.H.M. said...

Back when I was in high school, my band and I had seen The Devil and Daniel Johnston and we were seriously considering playing "Speeding Motorcycle" for a show, but we realised quickly that it just wouldn't be very convincing—too little and too much skill, in different ways.

Anonymous said...