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Missing Persons - "The Nuclear wasteland" (Self-Released Cassette) 1980

There was an extremely shit US new wave band called "Missing Persons" that existed around the same time as these middle class farm dwelling punk-hippies.
I am pleased to say that this is not that awful American atrocity, but those very sub-crass post-prog hippie-punks that were very prominent on the original DIY scene of the late seventies. They released cassettes on Kif-Kif's Weird Noise label, were on Deleted Records' classic "Deleted Funtime", recorded at Street Level, and were very active on the Fuck Off records scene.
As you can see, they seemed very fond of the "Concept Performance", a very rare hangover from the recently deceased Progressive Rock scene, this can be heard in some of their very Pink Floyd Demo style acoustic guitar.
These are the very weak points on this sprawling cassette. Hearing the sixth-form poetry and fifth-form politics sung in by a bourgeois rural rebel, accompanied by a well strummed acoustic guitar make me wanna smash something!
There's something very wrong with an acoustic in the hands of a Brit*, Americans ok, but in the UK it usually points to a privileged or middle class background(see James Fucking Blunt etc). What is more disturbing about this recent inclination towards middle and upper class kids to pick up a banjo, or Double fucking Bass, is that the irrelevant rich are taking over the pop charts, like they did Football (that's soccer for you Americans). If I saw that tribe of Toffs , Mumford and Fucking Sons, in the street, I'd have to organise a swift stoning to death. Oh their God, I despair for the young people of today, what the fuck are they playing at?
 In fact I know; they have been systematically brainwashed to accept this shit status quo(not the magnificent band) and be happy with the crap that we are drip-fed by the TV,Internet, glossy mags, and False Flag media lies.
Mumford and Son are the poster boys of these systems of control. So smash your Banjo's before they have your mind too!
(counting to ten........breathing slowly........relaxed again!)

*I have to, at this point, say, that this generalization does not include the peerless Patrik Fitzgerald, in who's hands the Acoustic Guitar has the same power as that of Woody Guthrie,or Bobby Dylan.

Back to Missing Persons:
The non acoustic tracks are really rather splendid, and at times sound like The Residents when they were good.
Amongst the cheap beat box electronica, we have the odd, and the very ODD, standard melodic Punk Rock number, wot ain't half bad. This would have made a fine C-30.

Track Listing:


A. "5 Tracks on an 8 Track"

1.Rotten to the Core
2. Angst in my Pants
3.The Blue Eyed boy
4. the british Dissidents
5. The empty Gesture.

B. "5 x Wendy"

1. Mirror Box
2. Identikit.
3. Over-exposed
4. Shadow Detail
5. Cameraman.

C. "from "What am I doing Here? part one"

1. the Officers mess
2. Any Questions
3. I am A Union Leader.
4. The Urbane Gorilla.
5. The Leonard Cohen songbook.
6. To be continued....


D. from "Acoustics in the atomic age"

1. 101 Magic tricks
2. Supply and Demand
3. Between your legs
4. The Liberal Limp.
5 Consequences

E. from "what am I doing Here? part one"

1. repressive Tolerance
2.What the butler saw.
3. Platform 15 (day return)
4. Medium-Rare

F. "Casual Labour"

1. Gestures.
2. Polaroid Test.

DOWNLOAD this audio wasteland HERE!

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