Monday, 9 December 2013

Nancy Sesay and the Melodaires - " C'est Fab " (It's War Boys £1) 1982

Bonjour mes aimless aimies, one assumes this must be the "It's War Boys" record label month on Die or DIY? And what more natural place to start than the first release (£1) on said imprint, none other than Nancy sesay and the Melodaires.
I get confused about the shady history behind this label and the artists/artist that appear there.
Basically its the vehicle for Jim Whelton/Amos/L Voag of the Homosexuals/Milk From Cheltenham ,and various buddies to let their creative juices run riot.
The first fruits of which is this outing, a non-metronomic sub-jazz , falling down funk syncopated art damaged masterpiece,that conforms for no-one.
Featuring the Treacle Singers,and executively produced by The Dandy Horses, I think you know what you've let yourselves in for.

Track listing:

C'Est Fab

The Ballad OF Hong Kong

National Honk

DOWNLOAD from mediafire HERE! 


ROOKSBY said...

If I asked really REALLY nicely, is there any chance you might email me mp3s of this - my art deco browser won't support Mega unfortunately, & I'm gaggin' to the hear the b-sides of this (I've only ever heard the title song). Let me know if you can be arsed, etc... :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Alas I think I gotta ditch MEGA, you aint the only one with this problem.
I'll upload it to the box or mediafire.
Laters though, cus I am soooo fucking busy with this christmas shit! They're like a pâck of hyenas out there!

ROOKSBY said...

Thanks again for the re-load.

I think the Mega thing probably only effects old farts with old computers -I'd hate to try & estimate what percentage of your current audience that represents though (ha!). Pals of mine who DO use testify to it's general OK-ness... ;)

ROOKSBY said...

p.s. I'm definitely including myself in the "old fart" bracket btw.

1725 no email said...

You can juggle it from left to right... then try and halt the ball rolling at time t-zero. But this will always be a HOT piece that escapes you! Richard Dudanksi (P.I.L. / Basement 5 / The Raincoats) played da drums BTW.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Dundanski (101ers also),was the staple percusiionist of squatlqnd, so i ain't surprised he is on this great record.
Thanks for your oblique prose mr no email.