Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Various Artists - "Wrong Songs and Banned bands (50 politically Incorrect classics of the Late 20th Century)" (a Die or DIY? mixtape no. 4) 2012

The label that is “Politically Correct”, has many interpretations. Like the age old question, “What is the worst album of allllll time?”. Some say it is William Shatner’s “The Transformed Man”, which is obviously bollocks because it is one of thee funniest records ever made! In the film world “Plan Nine From Outer Space” is wrongly saddled with this label when it is patently obvious that it is a work of rare genius.
The worst record ever made is subjective, but the category  has to include “Bat out of Hell” 1 and 2, which have NO redeeming qualities whatsoever; and the fact that they both sold millions of copies says something damming about the human race in general. Worst film?....where do we start? No its not “A Chorus Line” or “Purple Rain”, which are comedies of the highest order; it’s some awful sentimental populist trash like “E fucking T”, or the like.
Answers on a postcard to this address: The New World Order, The Pentagon, District of Columbia(not legally part of the USA).
This compilation of the offensive, sexist, racist, insensitive, does not necessarily represent a definition of Political Correctness, but provides a decent cross-section of what may be labelled non-PC by the Brain Police out there.
As far as i’m concerned, there is very little here that is half as offensive as the Sexual  and materialistic Propaganda that fills the pop charts of today. Grooming a new generation of kids into a lifestyle of sexual abuse and mind control by product placement. A new legion of young Manchurian candidates waiting for a signal from some telegenic  media cyborg celebrity, like the........choke.....Beckhams!.......please fucking kill me now!
This stuff is honest political uncorrectness. Some of it is meant to instigate within us a positive reaction by making us confront uncomfortable feelings, like ,I hope, Whitehouse intend. But some of it is just plain dumb unthink rock, and can influence the unthinking dumbasses that listen to it. Some, Skrewdriver mark II for example, are just toooooooo wrong to be included here; which I considered, but, as has happened before on this blog, I am sick of Dudley Doo-rights everywhere getting the totally wrong end of the fucking stick.......jeeeeesusssssss!
So if any repressed racist,sexist,paedophile,nazi etc out there wants to deflect from themselves by labelling me the new Hitler or something, then they will just have their comments deleted par moi!
By far the most depraved selections in this mixtape, are the many references to underage sex and statutory rape. This, in the light of the revelations in the UK about DJ Jimmy Saville, is a reflection of the culture that was prevalent in “Rock” music in the sixties and seventies. It is common knowledge that all rock stars indulged in this practice during that time;for example Jimmy Page running off with a 14 year old girl, and the reprehensible (Bill) Wyman’s jailable exploits are free to read about at your leisure.Basically, the rock stars of the sixties and seventies, were a bunch of out of control paedophilic sexual predators, that used their positions of influence to abuse young women everywhere.And this practice stretched through punk rock well into the eighties.And the fact that Simon Cowell paid some of Jonathan "rampant pedo" Kings bail bond, suggests that this is still going on today.
 The disgusting Misogyny of the Stranglers, who could have had a dozen tracks on here, is embarrassing and shameful. GG Allin, could also have filled up this mix, but I rather think he was just beyond thick rather than depraved.......i’m glad he’s dead, but I have a fondness for his music, its just soooo wrong.
Then we have the category that is represented here by the beyond great Patrik Fitzgerald. His “Irrelevant Battles” seems to show genuine concern for the plight of the Underclass, but ends up as a punk version of a Conservative Little England manifesto. Let them starve in Africa, and get murdered in Afghanistan, ‘cus they’re cutting our dole money and I can’t afford a Plasma Screen TV. This is of course what the riots were about in 2011. Not because of the encroaching police state in the UK, not because of bankers greed, not because of the growth of control by the New World Order (big business, security forces, the super rich, the feudal classes),etc; it was because they couldn’t afford a new Plasma Screen! Did they protest, NO, they went straight to the shops and took electrical goods, because they’ve been brainwashed by the MK Ultra techniques of the Murdoch corporation and the money controlled media. This represents the main problem I have always had with Punk. The basic message as I saw it was, everything would be alright if we only had a job and a “Future”, namely some money in the bank and a career......what fucking career? Punk was a musical representation of Thatcherism as far as I could see; even the so-called socialist bands. Therefore this tune is hideously politically incorrect.......but I still adore Patrik’s much neglected canon immensely.
Probably the wrongest song on here is by Gay 70’s TV Celebrity, Peter Wyngarde. whose quasi-humoristic track, “Rape”, seems to revel in making the heinous crime of Rape something light hearted and inevitable for any woman who’s blatantly..... “asking for it”, just by coming round for dinner! Sometimes, well most of the time, I am embarrassed to be male! Wyngarde tops it off with some very accomplished racist impressions, and explains how Johnny Foreigner  goes about Raping in a rather different manner to us Brits. Un-fucking-believable!!!!!?

(I will have to apologise to Controls for including them here. It was so I could have another Stranglers song without having a third appearance from said group. Its the song ,not the band,in this case.)

These are Wrong Songs from Banned Bands, and remember any comments from confused right-on liberals from inside their closets, WILL BE DELETED!

  1. “Dialect of the Black American(Excerpt)” – Western Electric
  2. “Guilty of Being White” – Minor Threat
  3. “Caucasian Guilt” – Noh Mercy
  4. “I Feel Like a Wog” – The Stranglers
  5. “Just Because I’m White” – Gang War
  6. “Niggers are scared of Revolution” – The Last Poets
  7. “Do You Love The Nazis?” – The Kids
  8. “Nazi Love” – Billy Wizard
  9. “Nazi School” – Cracked Actor
  10. “For Adolfs Only” – The Valves
  11. “Mein Kampf” – The Spitfire Boys
  12. “Belsen Was a Gas” – The Sex Pistols
  13. “Why Don’t You Kill Yourself?(Live 1980)” – The Only Ones
  14. “I Wanna Kill You” – G.G.Allin
  15. “Dead Pop Stars” (Peel Session version) – Altered Images
  16. “Kill The Bee Gee’s” – The Accident
  17. “Elvis is Dead” – Peter and the Test Tube Babies
  18. “Blood on the Wall” – Some Chicken
  19. “Gacy’s Place” – The Mentally ILL
  20. “We Hate You(Little Girls)” – Throbbing Gristle
  21. “Young Little Meat” – G.G. Allin
  22. “School Girls in Bondage” – The Dregs
  23. “Jailbait” – Motorhead
  24. “High School Girls” – The Victims
  25. “Fake ID” – The Anaemic Boyfriends
  1. “The Ten Commandments of Love” – Gang War
  2. “Love Song” – The Passage
  3. “Man/Woman” – Eric Burdon and the New Animals
  4. “Bring on the Nubiles” (Live 1977) – The Stranglers
  5. “Fuck Off” – The Electric Chairs
  6. “Screw Ya” – The Depressions
  7. “Incendiary Device” – Johnny Moped
  8. “I need Lunch”(rough Mix) – The Dead Boys
  9. “Tampax(in the Cunt)” – Tampax
  10. “Heinous Bitch” – Sad Sack
  11. “V.D.Boiler” – Johnny Moped
  12. “London Lady” – Controls
  13. “Handle with Care” – The Depressions
  14. “Kim Gordon’s Panties” – Rapeman
  15. “Rape” – Peter Wyngarde
  16. “Get Raped” – Eater
  17. “Raped” – Raped
  18. “You Don’t Have To say Please” – Whitehouse
  19. “No-one is Innocent” – The Sex Pistols with Ronnie Biggs
  20. “Bummer Bitch” – Freestone
  21. “Sissie Faggots” – The Silly Killers
  22. “Irrelevant Battles” – Patrik Fitzgerald
  23. “Spastic Dance” – The Hitler SS
  24. “Cancer” – No Trend
  25. “Terminal Cancer” – He’s Dead Jim


Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Just had a listen to this recently and that Peter Wyngarde thing is just the most insanely tasteless item calling itself a song I have ever heard!!!! I first read about the LP it comes from Darryl Bullock's book about the world's worst records. Also the "Ten Commandments of Love" lays it on way too thick.

Thank you for this most interesting comp,


Unknown said...

I'm Mexican yet I use this as an anthropological tool to showcase all forms of self expression no matter how offensive or demeaning one may find it

Jonny Zchivago said...

And so you fucking should.The day the human race stops finding these things offensive is the day Racism etc ends. I like how you satrt this comment by saying.."I'm Mexican yet......".Thats an album title in itself.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your brilliant work and for my personal favorite Jesus Hates You
Cheers to you too.

@Px said...

the Dregs, mainly the Templeman Bros, Steve had an awfully large cranium ... he'll know what I mean ... Mark the dodgy bastard introduced me to marijuana, that EP languishes in my singles box - worth a few bob apparently!

@Px said...

Oh, meant to say about Eater, last I heard is that Dee Generate (Roger) was doing drum lessons in Northampton, top bloke he is!

Zarathustra said...

What a touching wonderful collection I love it. Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha that cover is hilarious

c-huckular-vision said...

Because I'm all for offending as many people as possible, this had to be streaming for everyone to enjoy.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Peoples sole purpose are for Offending in my book.
Offend away...which chuckle brother are you? Barry or Paul....nb Barry is dead, so i guess that slims it down to either 'Paul' or you aren't one of the Chuckle Brothers?