Sunday, 29 December 2013

M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) - "Cold Tape" - ( YHR Tapes YHR006) 1980

This is what I love about Cassettes,the shear crapness of them often takes the music into another place. Ferric Oxide, formula (Fe2O3), was my favourite recording medium.It had such a low frequency response, and wore out so quickly, that it changed any sound into something that came from a neighbouring room, rather than from your cassette deck just a few feet away from you.
This is what has happened to M.B.'s 'Cold tape', and it sounds all the better for it.It helps that the composition itself sounds like a tape being chewed up between the pinchers of some cheap cassette player.Plenty of wobbly malfunction, out of phase undulating tape loops, with even more wobbly synthesisers. It seems a shame to label this Industrial Music, but that's the shoe box its been crammed into.
Mainly due to the fascist leaning titles of some of his later releases.
This is like listening to the downfall of technology whilst smothering yourself under a ducky-down pillow.


Side 1 :  Untitled 32:09
Side 2 : Untitled 31:30

DOWNLOAD a compressed cold mp3 file HERE!

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kotatsu said...

i'd actually like to know the story behind this