Friday, 6 December 2013

The Androids Of Mu - " Blood Robots" (Fuck Off Records FLP 001) 1980

(repost from October 2009 on the original suppressed Die or DIY? Blog)

The first Vinyl LP release from Kif Kif's Fuck Off disorganisation. The all Female Androids Of Mu, and their lp "Blood Robots" from 1980.
Apparently Crass wanted to sign them up to their label,but, wanted to record them with a "proper" drummer. Of course they told the over politicised smelly hippies to... "FUCK OFF".
Involved Suze Da Blooze (sadly RIP 2007)from Here and Now, who formed all girl band The Androids of Mu with Corrina, Cozzie and Birsen. Although a collaborative project, Suzy shared lead vocals with Corrina and wrote much of their material.

The Androids were well received by all, including the music press of the day. They were an integral part of the post punk scene and released one album “Blood Robots”, with one music paper headline proclaiming it as “Android Genius”.
produced by Kif Kif and Grant Showbiz from said group at the semi-myhical Street Level Studios.
Excellently weak and amateur rock,with an Outsider Punk Flavour; and we all like Outsider Punk don't we???
Read a review from back in the day here.

Side One:

1. Atomic X
2. Who Cares
3. Fast Car
4. She Is A Boy
5. Pretty Nun

Side Two:

1. Confusion
2. Bored Housewifes
3. Lost In Space
4. Subtitles
5. Jeen Dreams


Mongrol said...

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But .. there seems to be some issue with 4shared. It never gets past the 20 seconds time delay for the 'free' download. I've tried with 3 different browsers.
Just thought I'd let you know.

Love your blog, mate. You've got a great collection here, and stuff I've not heard for years. Nice one.

I'm not here to promote another file hosting site, but if you've got files that are 200mb or less, then ZippyShare is great for small files like that.
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Thanks for all the effort you put into sharing this music. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'll take this on board Mongrol,and re up it to Ubuntu. I relly don't understand the problem anyone has with 4Shared; I have never had these problems myself. as for zippyshare,if no-one downloads a file for a while,it get automatically deleted....I hate that!
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Mongrol said...

Thanks for the updated link, Jonny, works a treat.
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I'm a happy bunny as I could download this album. Many thanks ;)

Bizango said...

this stuff is great! thanks!

Howlin' said...

I've loved this album for so long. Glad more people will get to hear it.

Jonny Zchivago said...

A fitting memorial to the late Sooz Da Blooz. A fine LP indeed.