Monday, 9 December 2013

Amos and Sara - " Sing the private world of Amos " (It's War Boys, £2 ) 1982

Next up is Its 'War Boys'catalogue number £2, and the cassette only release,"Amos and Sara ...sing the private world of Amos".
Amos aka L Voag, Aka Jim Whelton, and the mysterious Sara, made some of the best dreamlogic pop music in the whole of squatland during the early eighties.
With a predeliction for defracting lounge music through a sound prism, splitting jazz rythms into its constituent parts and reflecting them in a fairground mirror. The result is something genuinely unhinged but strangely addictive. Amos and Sara are comfortably my favourite Homosexuals offshoot.
With a backroom cast of such luminaries with names like Lepke Buchwater (milk from Cheltenham, Die trip Computer Die), Andrew Camelot, and Seamus Luttman-Luttman-Luttman, how can you fail?
Alternative dimension hits include: "In a Hell Bed","It Kinky" and the magnificent "Syphillis Party".One suspects that the recently discovered glitch in the background microwave radiation of this universe,'Dark Flow', is probably all these great tunes leaving this dimension to be hits in our very lucky neighbouring universe.....I wanna go there toooo!

Track Listing:

Cruel Cocktails

A Ballad Of Amos

In A Hell-Bed

"Just What Is Your Gripe."

You'll Never Guess

Totem Of 1,000 Dolls

Green Is A Bad Colour

The Tame One

It Kinky


Syphillis Party

The Harry & Flo Scene

Say It With Strings

Mudchuker Man

Visiting Beast

The Genderizer

DOWNLOAD The Private World Of Amos HERE!


bendle said...

Wonderful! It was a sad day when my cassette copy of this gave up and died... but now I have it back again! The Genderiser is one of my favourite songs ever, and the rest of the tape oscillates between sketches of avante easy listening and punk jazz. And I remember them as lovely people... and whatever happened to Seamus?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ah Bendle. Welcome.
I remember you left a rather amusing comment, detailing a funny story about financing the Fuck Off Records tour bus that you left on the Weird Noise Ep,on the first version of this blog.As the 'Man' had that deleted, it was lost to posterity!
Any chance you could repeat it for us?

A+S sound like luvly people, and I am glad we've had this confirmed.Their complete works would make a marvellous box set. I am considering trying some crowd funding to start a limited edition label to put this stuff out. Is this a good or bad idea?

pinkie said...

Thanks Jonny, this and The Work's 'Rubber Cage' tonight's delights for me.

Pixie Hale said...

Hi Bendle! And Sara was Sara Vaughan who changed her family name back to Fancy still making music in the desert of South Cali. We were in a band together for about a month called Moma suc pop

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hello Sarah,you would probably get hold of Bendle more efficiently on Facebook, if you're into such things that is. I may have his e-mail if required.