Tuesday 14 May 2024

Enski Boski – "I Found Jesus In A Gay Bar" (Hamster Records And Tapes – HAM 13) 1984

Sorry for a prolonged absence on my part,but, these guys are just Krazy.
It sounds like the music a mom's basement dwelling guy with ADHD would send to the recording arm of Sony,fully expecting a lucrative contract in response. A sort of a less processable version of mid-period Associates,but with a mentally ill version of that bloke from Spandau Ballet crooning away instead of Billy Mackenzie; albeit with better song titles.
Whether Enski received the cleansing qualities of the Holy Spirit and accepted it as his own personal saviour is unclear.Or, as more likely, he actually found the son of god cruising for cock in in a Soho gay bar around the time that AIDS was becoming really popular. This would explain the presence of the Son Of God in yer actual Gay Bar,personally helping spread the virus person to person;or should i say Deity-to-Deity.
God himself ,as stated in his manifesto,doesn't have much time for Gay versions of his likeness,even though he allegedly created everything himself(?),also one would not be shocked to discover that he magicked up a lethal virus aimed at promiscuous homosexuals,and wanton womanhood to remove them from his DIY planet.That should teach them a lesson alright.
Rather than just conjure up a virus from nowhere, Jesus, being more moralistic than his dad,took the more virtuous route to mass murder, by actually stuffing his unprotected holy Phallus Dei up as many Gays as possible......a more hands on, pants down affair one could suggest? 
Or, Enski Boski could just be making it all up,taking inspiration from many a 'Holy' book filed in the Fiction Section at your local LGBTQ+ library.
Looking at other releases on this Terry Burrows (Jung Analysts) dominated label, there is an impossible to find compilation cassette called "If God Had Meant Us To Dance He Would Have Given Us Legs", which I think sums up everything very nicely.


A1 The Amazing Inevitable Engendering Gene
A2 Fourteen With Freckles Eighteen With Acne
A3 Without The Enemy Within
A4 George Washington Said
A5 Chantage
B1 Korer Opportunities In Sinking Communtities
B2 Anodyne Noise Psilocybin Sight
B3 The Mercy Killing Conga
B4 The Importance Of Fraudulence
B5 Grocery Trouble
B6 Skid Row


Richard said...

Well I have been scrolling and reading and listening to the Filth you call God's music.
And let me say this: Israelis killing Palestinians, Palestinians killing Israelis. They both
are so not on the nice-list and they both do not even believe in Santa, and it is summerly hot and bothered. I had to crop that up all the time you did not post.
Thank you for letting me out it.
P.S. I did read some of the white power stuff, and ooooooh I need a bit of Vicky Leandros right now

Tim said...

This shit is bizarre, I love it. Thanks for the upload!

Jonny Zchivago said...

You're skating on thin ice mentioning the scum bags who are shitting up the Holy Land.....or the Hole-y land (titter)
Gimme some honest Nazi's anyday.
Just waiting for some Zionist Nob'ead to call you out as a Jew Hater,or even better anti-semitic as that encapsulates both the Jews and the Palestinians,both being semitic peoples.
Luckily we secular europeans have Santa Claus and they fucking don't,ha, Bastards ALL.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes Tim, Bizarre is the word.The best weird music is always made by persons who have a Pop sensibility. Pop music is weirder than any of that avant garde shit.

Ivor Byggum said...

Most Jews in Israel [and other places] are NOT semitic, unlike Palestinians and Arabs who ARE, most Jews are slavic AskerNAZIs who converted to Judaism hundreds of years ago. Every Israeli P.M. has been of Russian blood, but hey most British Aristocrats are circumcized, explains their long beaky noses.

Richie Muster said...

Now that's what i call a proper hobby (not a word, or practice, you come across much these days. Why don't people have hobbies anymore?) Going around, personally checking the genitalia of bluebloods for absent prepuces? Better than reading the Daily Mail i suppose.

667 said...

"Singer" sounds like he just shat his pants and begging the carer to come and change em.

Vaykorus said...


Anonymous said...

Now this is real music as God himself imagined when he created and sent down to Earth rock n' roll instrumentarium. Praise the Lord!