Tuesday 2 April 2024

Jandek – "Baltimore Saturday" (Corwood Industries – CORWOOD 0865) 2024

 Yet another Jandek recording from 2009.This one has got electronics on it,so it's quite unique in the Jandek canon. Also Susan Alcorn appears again making weird noises on her pedal Steel Guitar.
If that don't make you wanna hear this double CD then there's something wrong with you....well...maybe not? It's a good one though.

Here's that tit (I notice he has two of them) who regularly threatens the safety of your much valued scribe
He's the fat one on the right,meeting his hero......I wonder if this was taken in 2009?...still waiting for the Vancouver release.He says he's gonna 'find me' if I post that......which of course I will.


1-1 It's All There 6:45
1-2 Love Relation 1:44
1-3 Gone On Me 3:04
1-4 Turn The Key 1:42
1-5 Make Me 1:50
1-6 On The Highway 1:51
1-7 Another Block 4:51
1-8 I Asked 2:38
1-9 Last Friends 4:03
1-10 This Other Me 2:09
1-11 The Minutes 2:58
1-12 The Moonbeam 3:38
1-13 I Talk To My Self 4:27
1-14 The Words 2:39
2-1 Splashing In The Streets 11:42
2-2 Drew On The Meadows 20:06


Anonymous said...

Careful Johnny, he looks hungry

Anonymous said...

It was my birthday yesterday, so what better present could I wish for??!! Thanks, Milly's Grandad.

Anonymous said...

The man on the right is perfect stand-in for comic-books guy from The Simpsons and as such would be beaten by an average 6th grader from Herault region. But Jandek's Saturdays and Sundays are crap and maybe this guy just wants to save the loyal readers of the blog?

JColtrane said...

Many thanks

parmalee said...

Sterling to the fat guy, "I'm like a quarter century older than you and see how I've managed to maintain my lithe, menacing figure--plus, I dress better."

kingpossum said...

Smug portly guy in a Guided By Voices t-shirt. That image speaks paragraphs.

Anonymous said...

I personally love Jandek in all his mystical quirkiness.