Monday 20 January 2014

The Legendary Pink Dots ‎–"Prayer For Aradia" (Bain Total – K 24) 1982

These monkeys are usually found in the 'Industrial' section of your now defunct record emporium.As far as I can see it has nothing in common with the Industrial ilk, or industrial Elk for that matter,whatsoever!?!
I previously posted The Legendary Pink Dots cassettes' "Chemical Playschool" and "Kleine Krieg" , and outrageously expressed a mild dislike for said group.
This triggered a stream of anti-me comments, labelling me a fascist, amongst other pleasantries. So, not one to bow down to abuse, I must reiterate again that in my 'OPINION',.... TLPD should be lumped in with kak like Soft Cell and Blancmange (admittedly these two groups had their moments,but their please like me attitudes make me wanna puke!).
Yes, lots of self-consciously clever lyrics, borderline melodic plinky plonky synths, and an irritating singer to boot.
But, these chaps have a large following,and many of them are credible, intelligent people; so what does that say about me?!
Fuck that, I just can't stand TLPD! Whats wrong with that? I still admire them for what they did, and still do to this day. And here's another early cassette from the days before corporate and government control took hold of us all by stealth.
You don't know it yet,but they have!

DOWNLOAD a prayer of aradia HERE(before the government tells you not to)

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Anonymous said...

The government doesn't care. Dedicated to them, but they weren't listening.