Saturday 18 January 2014

Units ‎– "Digital Stimulation" (415 Records ‎– A-0003) 1980

San Fransico's Units, synth punk contemporaries of The Screamers and Nervous Gender,but far more commercial sounding.They quickly descended into the Synth pop quagmire, but the first few tracks of this "seminal" classic really cut the mustard, in fact the whole album is a great demonstration of man and machine in harmony.
One point of interest is that Jandek called himself The Units for his first album,"Ready for the House" in 1978.One assumes he changed his name because of this very combo? Jandek's a better name anyway.

Track Listing:

A1 High Pressure Days 3:19
A2 Digital Stimulation 3:12
A3 Warm Moving Bodies 3:32
A4 Go 2:13
A5 Mission 1:46
A6 Cannibals 2:44
B1 Bugboy 2:15
B2 Tight Fit 4:04
B3 Passion Or Patterns 2:32
B4 Town By The River 1:59
B5 Cowboy 5:16

DOWNLOAD some digital stimulation HERE!

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