Thursday 9 January 2014

Schlafengarten ‎– "Memorandum" (Self-released Cassette) 1984

A collection of short electronic pieces that mostly sound like various warning tones from a Nuclear power plant control desk,when approaching critical mass and inevitable meltdown.All the irradiated workers have left, and there's no-one there to hear the music of a dying technology......except Schlafengarten with his cassette recorder. This is post Tsunami Fukushima disco musick for all doomed Nuclear emergency rescue volunteers everywhere. In between the malfunctioning Klaxons and distorted factory standard mobile ring tones, we have the odd, and the very odd, little electro-pop tune. Minimal- wave  post- Industrial synth-pop for Marvin the Paranoid Android....."Life!?....Don't talk to me about life!"  

Track Listing:

A1 Hexus
A2 Nexus
A3 Plexus
 A4 Sexus
A5 Texus
A6 Dismissal
A7 Radioheat
A8 Zero Cold
A9 Lassitude
A10 Sinking
A11 Pirouette
A12 Crawlspace
A13 CF
A14 Slowhands
A15 Nucleus
A16 Chatango

B1 Urge
B2 Gimmie Some Taint
B3 Court Dancers
B4 Heard You Call
B5 Jellybeans
B7 Like This
B8 Bow & Kneel
B10 Slide

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