Wednesday 8 January 2014

Sigillum S ‎– "Bardo Thos-Grol" (Order Ov Wolves) 1987

I always like a record with unpronounceable track titles, and this is no exception. A studio version of the sound found on the "Live at Helter Skelter" cassette. Plenty of dull thudding drums, swirling reverbed groaning, and dark ambient electronics. Those Italians may have five reverse gears in their Tanks, but they can definitely advance on the Industrial battlefield. I actually like Sigillum S !?  
Track Listing:

A1 Dharmaraja
A2 Skandha
A3 Snag-Ba Yab La Stong-Pa Yum B1 Nirmanakaya
B2 Sambhogakaya
B3 Tchöd
B4 Yidam

DOWNLOAD under orders from the grey wolf HERE!

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