Tuesday 14 January 2014

Symboter - "Matrix" (Syntape 05) 1982

Symboter, a Post-Kosmiche, post tangerine Dream-alike, solo, synthesiser project by a german geezer called Olaf E. Schirm. Checking out the massive list of equipment he used for these recordings, he must have been have had a secure income, or a trust fund. He had a Moog Modular system!!!.........check it out.... Moog Modularsystem 15A Roland Jupiter 4 Roland TR 808 Roland CR 78 Roland RE 501 Korg MS20 Korg SEQ10 Hohner Strings Elka Strings Elektor Vocoder ETI Vocoder Rack Flanger DD Phaser Tapedecks: Teac A-3440 und Akai GX-630D SS.
This is the weaker of the three cassettes I will be posting, but still has an attractive period charm. Of course, the analogue instrumentation sounds gorgeous, as always. There is a distinct Dusseldorf influence, as well as the obvious hints of Tangerine Dream. Olaf obviously grew up wanting to be Edgar Froese, but thankfully also absorbed plenty of La Dusseldorf, Harmonia, and Kraftwerk, along the way. The vocoder use is especially pleasing, new Generation, being a prime example of who to subtly use this classic device. Fans of anything on Colin Potter's Integrated Circuit Records will love this.

Track Listing:

Side A: Voyager Die-Transzendenz Step by Step Spring Rain New Generation
Side B: Melancholic Walk Flight Rush Sirene Allerdings München Up and Down G. Elektronenstimme Meta

DOWNLOAD the matrix HERE!

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