Wednesday 8 January 2014

Sigillum S ‎– "Hhhard" (Order Ov Wolves C-46) 1986

More Italian Gothic Ritual Industria on thee Order Ov Wolves label(even though it says Open Wound on the label!?) For fans of the Coil end of the Industrial spectrum, emphasis on the creepy "satanic" ritual musick side of things, rather than the harsh noise end. Imagine a soundtrack for "The Evil Dead" set in a Monastery, and you won't be far off what we have on this cassette.  These chaps are far too popular these days! They've even collaborated with Bill Laswell for fucks sake!....that almost disqualifies them from DIY's Remit! But we'll let them off.  

Track Listing:

A1 Crystal 3:46
A2 Howlings 11:25
A3 In The Vault (H.P.L.) 7:37
B1 Day Of The Lies 6:24
B2 White 15:26
B3 Dream Scars... 0:42

DOWNLOAD to your Hhhard Dddrive HERE!

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